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Experian report shows decline in auto loan amounts amid rising interest rates By

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Experian’s State of the Automotive Finance Market Report for the third quarter of 2023 shows that average loan amounts for both new and used vehicles have decreased, despite a rise in interest rates. The average loan amount for new cars fell to $40,184, a drop of $3,698 from the previous year, while used car loans saw a decrease of $1,517, averaging $27,167. This comes at a time when interest rates have climbed to 7.03% for new vehicles and 11.35% for used ones.

Notably, the shift in consumer borrowing habits includes a trend towards shorter-term loans. The data indicates a significant increase in the proportion of new vehicle loans with terms of up to 48 months, now accounting for 13.40% of loans. This is a marked rise from last year’s figure, which was under 10%. Meanwhile, longer-duration loans spanning 73 to 84 months have seen a decrease by nearly six percent to below 30%, specifically at 29.15%.

Despite the uptick in interest rates, average monthly payments have experienced only modest increases. New vehicle payments now average $726, with an increase of $25 from the previous period, while used vehicle payments sit at $533 with an increment of $4. The overall average loan duration has also seen a slight downturn; it now stands at just under six years (68.26 months) for new vehicles and slightly more than five-and-a-half years (67.57 months) for used ones.

The report also noted that captives have made considerable gains, now holding a majority at 59.18% in the new car finance market, surpassing banks by more than thirty-five percent and credit unions by nearly forty-six percent. The latter still lead the pre-owned segment but with a marginal advantage of just over 30%.

Additionally, the prime lending category has expanded its share, now covering a significant portion (68%) of all auto financing. This suggests a strong credit health among consumers, with manageable delinquency levels. Short-term delinquencies are currently at 2.33%, and long-term delinquencies remain below 1%, specifically at 0.91%.

Melinda Zabritski from Experian (OTC:) affirms that despite higher interest rates, the automotive finance industry is showing signs of health with consistent monthly payments across various loan periods.

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