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Galena City Council Approves Car Show | Galena Sentinel Times

Mayor Ashley Groves requested a motion to transfer $228,837.34 from Equipment Reserve to the General Fund this is amount was the final payment of overpaid taxes from the hospital. Council approved the transfer.

Code Enforcement Officer Carl Walker presented an update about the property located at 710 Galena Ave. He stated that there were pictures and the report from Building Inspector Gary Rose. The owner of the property Ted Thompson was in attendance along with his attorney Gene Barrett. It was stated that the neighbor was interested in purchasing the property and demolishing it. Which demolishing is the recommendation of the building inspector. Council set a public hearing for Monday, February 5th at 6:00 pm for the condemnation of the property.

Code Enforcement Officer Walker also updated the council on the property located at 2301 S. Main Street. It was stated that they cannot get a hold of the property owner Barbara Grunklee. It was stated that currently Miranda Porter is living in the house. The council set public hearing for the property on Monday, February 5th at 6:00 pm for moving forward with the condemnation of the property.

The council received an update on the property located at 1020 S. Main Street. The garage has been torn down and incoming council member Jamie Jackson, said that she has talked to the occupant previously. She said she would reach out to see if she could try to move forward with helping him.

Mr. Chris McWilliams who purchased property at the tax sale, requested that mowing assessments be waived for the properties located at 1608 Joplin Street ($250), 315 W. 10th Street ($450) and 914 Cleary Street ($750). It was stated that after Mr. McWilliams purchased the property he did start mowing them and making repairs to the structures. Council approved waiving the fees.

Councilman Paul Nolan, stated that he had a request from the Midwest Car Cruisers Car Club for the closure of Main Street on Saturday, April 6th from 8:00 am to 11:59 pm, from 6th Street to 2nd Street for a Car Show and Vendor Event.

City Superintendent Josh Reed, updated the council on the status of his department and a synopsis of the department. He stated that his department was coming in under budget in payroll. He is short two employees. He also stated that earlier in the year that the council approved spending up to $15,000 for a truck and $10,000 for a roller. He stated that he had not found what he was looking for and would like to wait until next year.

Fire Chief Steve Hall updated the council stating that the department has responded to 379 calls so far this year which is up 4 percent over last year. He said that Brush 1 was in service and thanked council. He said that the department will start on repairs to the Pole Barn shortly. They are also preparing for the upcoming ISO reevaluation in 2024.

Police Chief Billy Charles said that he is down three officers he currently has eight and authorized for 11. Three of the current officers will be attending the academy after the first of the year. He stated that the car that had been wrecked the replacement is in and will be completed shortly.

Assistant City Clerk Tracy Roberts said that City Clerk Renee Charles had requested the city pay $2,500 for an ad in the UK National Geographic for the upcoming Route 66 100th Anniversary Issue, council approved.

Nancy Bash updated the council with things going on at the library. She stated that over 100 had been in attendance at the Pancakes with Santa and the Elf. Lap sit time for infants, 2-5 year old story time, a sleepover for 4th – 6th grade, book club and the junk journaling. In 2024 the teddy bears will have a sleepover again.

The next council meeting will be held on Monday, December 18th, at 2023 at 6:00 pm.

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