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Infiniti Vision QE Concept Previews Electric Fastback Sedan Coming In 2025 | Carscoops

Debuting at the Japan Mobility Show, the Vision Qe provides provides a glimpse at the design of Infiniti’s first electric offering

October 24, 2023 at 11:22

Infiniti is embracing an all-electric future, and in anticipation of the Japan Mobility Show 2023, they’re offering a glimpse of their vision for their inaugural battery-powered vehicle. The concept, known as the Vision Qe, combines futuristic elements with a sleek and stylish design.

The production version of the concept is one of two electric vehicles (EVs) officially announced by Nissan and Infiniti to be manufactured at Nissan’s Canton, Mississippi plant, starting in 2025. Nissan’s counterpart will also be a sedan, potentially serving as a full electric successor to the Maxima.

In addition to providing a preview of the electric sedan, the Vision Qe concept is our first look at Infiniti’s new design language, known as “Artistry in Motion.” This design principle will guide Infiniti’s designers into the electric era. The concept seamlessly combines artistic details with a fluid design gesture that extends from the front to the rear of the vehicle.

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Although this is a static design concept, Infiniti says that the fastback shape is meant to exude sleek style and aerodynamic performance. Both a promise of performance, and long range from the battery pack, the shape is being adopted by more and more automakers.

Painted a unique shade called Shadow Blue, the color plays against the lighting elements, which can display as golden, giving the car an elegant, almost jewelry-like quality. The lighting can shift to silver, to match the environment, the brand says.

In designing the concept, Infiniti used the Japanese concepts of Kabuku, Sho, and Sui. “Kabuku” is the elicitation of a sense of the extraordinary, “sho” is a sense of speed, dynamism, and movement, while “sui” is the presence of exquisite detailing that helps a product exude purity and sophistication.

To that end, the big, highly detailed wheels help give the Vision Qe a sense of sophistication, and are inspired by the coils of an electric motor. Elsewhere, Infiniti’s double-arch grille is being reinterpreted for the electric era, and that means LED lighting.

The faux grille plays against the “piano key” lighting elements higher up, which interact with the brand’s new three-dimensional badge. The lights are also integrated into the Vision Qe’s aerodynamic lip, which the automaker claims has been crafted with razor-like precision.

“As we began to follow the inspiration around art in motion, we rediscovered the Japanese expression of Sho, an expression of soaring with grace and power. Our designers began creating forms that, to me, looked like abstractions of a bird in flight. Powerful, almost motionless, but generating such speed.” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president for global design. “The sleek, low profile paired with tapered, yet muscular rear fenders, express effortless motion and powerful purpose.”

Unfortunately, Infiniti provides no information about the Vision Qe’s powertrain. However, reports suggest that it is being designed to compete with the Tesla Model S. The concept car will be on display at Infiniti’s global headquarters in Yokohama, Japan, starting in November.

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