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This 1964 Impala Flexes the Factory Option Everybody Wanted, Good News in the Trunk

The Super Sport remained the icing on the Impala cake in 1964, despite Chevrolet preparing for an entirely new generation, already due in 1965.

1964 Impala SS
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Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/eBay seller amov8000

You could equip the Super Sport with any engine you wanted, but there’s no doubt the best option was the top-of-the-range 409 big block.

Chevrolet made several changes in the engine department, with 409 returning to the Impala lineup specifically to provide customers with a power boost. It was available in three configurations, namely 340, 400, and 425 horsepower. Thanks to twin four-barrel carburetors, the 425-horsepower version and the SS package became a match made in heaven. However, you won’t find many such Super Sports, and it’s unclear how many exist today.

eBay seller amov8000 recently decided to sell their Impala SS, but the car doesn’t come with the highly desirable big-block engine. It rolled off the assembly lines with a 327, which has already been removed to make room for a 350.

The 350 V8 joined the Impala lineup later in the same decade, so it’s probably donated by another Impala or a different Chevy model. The owner says they still have the original 327 (it’s unclear if it’s the 250- or the 300-horsepower version), so you’ll find it in the trunk when taking the car home.

The Impala SS has already been the subject of some restoration work, so it’s now dressed in primer and waiting for a paint job. The interior looks fantastic, though it’s unclear if the owner has already restored the cabin. The seats and the carpet seem to be the only parts where you’ll have to spend time doing repairs. The frame looks good, and the undersides have so far avoided the rust invasion, though you’ll still find a few spots requiring some attention.

This Impala SS certainly ticks many boxes for a restoration candidate, but the number one question is how original the car continues to be today. Collectors would probably drool over an all-original Impala SS, and considering this example already looks amazing and is halfway to tip-top shape, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the interest in the car skyrocketing, especially if the price expectations remain decent.

The vehicle made its way to eBay earlier this week, and it has already received 23 bids at the time of writing. The top offer is $15,300, but the owner also configured a reserve. It’s still in place, so the Internet must send higher bids before the Impala SS can receive another chance to return to the road.

Meanwhile, you can see it in person in Greenville, South Carolina, where the car is awaiting the end of the auction. The bidding will be over in approximately seven days.

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