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Biden’s EV plans branded ‘despicable’ as cars doomed to have ‘no trade-in value and

Joe Biden’s plan to wean the US off gas-guzzling cars and switch to EVs has been branded “despicable” as cars doomed to have “no trade-in value”.

The president has his sights aimed at moving forward with stringent vehicle emissions regulations which could lead to as many as 67 per cent of new vehicles going electric by 2032.

WATCH HERE: Bob Cordaro gives his take on Biden’s EV plans

\u200bBiden exits EV

Biden exits EV


“Then environmentally we don’t know what to do with the batteries let alone what working-class people will do when they have a car with a dead battery that has no trade-in value.

“And it has a limited life, not like a regular car for which you fix it up and keep plugging along.

“I’m not wearing a tin hat here. It’s about control of what people do and where the economy moves.

“And that doesn’t even include the national security implications of converting from petroleum and natural gas, which we produce in magnificent abundance here to materials that have to be sourced in China or through China.

“It’s mind-boggling and it’s not better for the environment net-net, it just isn’t.

“So there’s something else at play here and it is very dangerous. It’s despicable.

“I always say when Joe Biden tells you the reason he’s doing something, the one thing you can count on is that’s not the reason.”

EV charging

Critics of Biden’s EV proposal have said it is ‘neither reasonable nor achievable’


The public finance economist added: “So much of what the Government has spent money on are things like Biden’s Green New Deal, which is subsidising electric cars that don’t work and that people don’t want to drive.

“It’s amazing that even with tens of thousands of dollars of subsidies on every single one of these vehicles between the producer side and the consumer side, people still don’t want to buy them.

“They are piling up on dealer lots. People don’t like these vehicles and the dealers just simply can’t sell them.”

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