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Toyota Is Building a New Electric Truck: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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Toyota has confirmed it will build an electric pickup

Will the first electric Toyota truck be a Tacoma EV?

That seems like the most probable route for Toyota to get to an electric truck in the near term. When Toyota showed the Pickup EV concept, our first thought was that it looked a lot like an electric, next-gen Tacoma. After seeing the all-new 2024 Tacoma, we can confirm the Pickup EV definitely looks like an EV version of the Tacoma.

The Australian outlet Drive found Japanese reports suggesting that the Compact Cruiser EV is delayed because Toyota is prioritizing getting the electric powertrain ready for the Tacoma in North America.

The market certainly seems to be there for an electric Toyota Tacoma

Or will Toyota build its first pickup on a dedicated EV platform?

Toyota unveiled the EPU concept (seen here and at top) for the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. It’s a “next-generation mid-size pickup truck” concept. It runs on a unibody, dedicated electric vehicle platform. Dimensionally, it has a longer wheelbase than the 2023 Tacoma but is shorter lengthwise and heightwise.

The EPU does have sort-of-off-road tires, and Toyota says it would have a versatile bed and be used in outdoor applications. This seems like more of a Ford Maverick competitor that could exist alongside an electric Tacoma (if it’s coming to America at all). But it could also be Toyota’s first electric truck if the brand opts not to build a Tacoma EV on the current platform.

Toyota’s new electric truck should be off-road capable

Electric pickups have shown themselves to be well-suited for off-roading. The battery weight gives them a low center of gravity, they offer a ton of instant torque for clearing obstacles, and you don’t have a combustion engine burbling while you’re trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

We would bet Toyota’s color choice for the Pickup EV concept was not coincidental. White screams “TRD Pro” to Toyota truck enthusiasts. The truck has knobby off-road tires. And it does not feature the air dam present on more road-going 2024 Tacomas.

When will Toyota debut the production model of its new electric truck?

We don’t know yet. But there are reasons to be optimistic a Toyota electric truck will arrive soon. Toyota has announced plans to launch at least 15 EVs by 2025. We have seen Toyota moving forward on other vehicles previewed in that initial slate of EV concepts. And a pickup would no doubt be a high priority on Toyota’s list.

Toyota said it planned to bring electrification to its pickup lineup “in the near future” back in 2021, including both hybrid and BEV powertrains. We’ve already seen the hybrids with the Tundra and Tacoma. An EV truck would be the natural next step.

One factor that could delay the launch could be Toyota’s battery technology. Current Toyota EVs have been hamstrung on range compared to competitors. And Toyota may need its next-gen batteries to adequately power a pickup for towing and hauling.

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