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Awesome GReddy Car Meet Has a Warmhearted Ulterior Motive

The fact that we’re nearing the end of the year and hovering between major holidays doesn’t mean the car meets and events slow down. In fact, there are typically a few extras on the menu in the final weeks before Christmas and some groups, like GReddy Performance Products, use their reach to lend a hand to those in need.

For the past few Christmas seasons, GReddy’s Irvine, California, headquarters has hosted an open car meet for all makes and models, albeit with ulterior motives. The idea is to bring enthusiasts together, that’s a given, but it also encourages attendees to bring canned or packaged food items for donation.

Enthusiasts for the most part are a good group and are quick to offer up some items, but GReddy sweetens the deal further by handing out raffle tickets to those that donate. Those tickets are a chance for visitors to take home a large array of prizes, many of which are donated by the event’s long list of partners that include 90s Forever, Falken Tire, Fifteen52, Momo Motorsport, TOMS Racing, and more.

All the food items collected are then delivered to South County Outreach, the non-profit organization dedicated to assisting Orange County’s growing homeless population and helps to feed almost 2,000 children annually. They’ve regularly distributed over 700,000 pounds of food each year with help from community partners like GReddy, who, for this meet, collected and donated over 3,300 pounds.

GReddy’s main parking lot accommodates a few dozen vehicles but on this day they curated a select group of cars that joined some of their own creations for a well-rounded layout. AutoFashion USA supplied a few of their builds as well as the music and announcements for the day, and a handful of sponsors set up vendor booths alongside GReddy’s tent that offered some of their latest apparel.

The streets leading up to the facility, as well as every parking lot near GReddy’s office was packed with cars that came and went throughout the day. The main street that passes by the H.Q. saw a steady stream of visitors passing by with an audience on both sides of the street admiring and taking photos and video. A mild 70 degree day with plenty of sunshine provided the ideal backdrop for a very successful food drive and car meet.

Always cool to see an Autozam AZ-1 in the wild, this one parked right in front of the GReddy entrance and with a Skyline casually rolling by.

There’s always a strong Honda presence at GReddy hosted events and this row of late ’80s and ’90s chassis made an impact.

Hondas efforts during this era helped shape a new generation of car enthusiasts and, to this day, remains a popular choice for those just starting out or revisiting their younger years with restomod builds.

Confused as to why there’s a boosted KA24DE swap under the hood of this R34 sedan? We helped 90s Forever’s Rodney Moenadi explain it back in January, which you can read about right here. To note, the car was Berry Blue at that time and has since been re-wrapped in silver for an update.

Suzuki’s Jimny is sold in almost 200 countries, but that doesn’t include the U.S. This example, which wears a license plate from Mexico, has been with GReddy for quite some time and is lifted over Volk Racing wheels and Toyo off-road tires, along with an aftermarket grill guard and side steps.

There’s an up-turned rear wing and within the center of the bumper, an exhaust outlet with a heat plate. A Trust GReddy exhaust system is available for the Jimny that positions an exhaust tip under both outer edges of the bumper but this one routes right down the middle, its polished titanium tips slightly exposed.

This bright red MkIV carries a classic, aggressive Veilside Combat look. For the younger crowd that might not be privy, after this aero kit was introduced for the Supra in 1994 and earned a Grand Prize award at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the knock-off artists went to town copying the style and applying it to every conceivable chassis at the time, from Honda’s CRX to Mitsubishi’s Eclipse and everything in between.

The chassis of the day was undoubtedly the R33 Skyline. We saw a few in the GReddy parking lot, including Dai’s street car shown here, along with a couple more in the surrounding lots, and even more cruising up and down the main road. What used to serve as the forgotten family member between its R32 and 34 siblings has since become a born-again star.

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