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A Tesla Cybertruck gets stuck in California forest. Let the trolling begin

After a video of a Tesla Cybertruck sliding down a snowy embankment with a Christmas tree tied to its roof went viral on social media last week, the U.S. Forest Service saw a golden opportunity.

The agency could use the resulting internet imbroglio to educate people about the best practices for off-road vehicles on public lands.

In a move that Forest Service spokesman Benjamin Cossel allowed was “a little bit cheeky,” the Stanislaus National Forest issued a news release offering to partner with Tesla on “an education campaign regarding off-road vehicle use on public lands.”

“We are always thrilled when new opportunities to explore our public lands become available,” Stanislaus National Forest Supervisor Jason Kuiken said in the release. “But we feel there may be work to be done in educating users about our Motor Vehicle Use Maps.”

Tesla has, so far, not responded, officials said. A request for comment to Tesla from The Times was also not answered Sunday.

The partnership offer came after a Tesla Cybertruck apparently lost traction and slid — a Christmas tree still jauntily attached to the roof — down an embankment off a well-known Off Highway Vehicle area in the Calaveras Ranger District. The Cybertruck was eventually rescued by a Ford truck, officials said.

“We feel confident that had the driver of the Cybertruck had a better understanding of the topographical feature indicated on our maps, practiced Leave No Trace principles, and generally been more prepared, this whole incident could have been not only avoided, but also provided much-needed education to many new off-road users,” officials said in the release.

The first Cybertrucks hit the streets a few weeks ago after being mired by production delays and questions about its design. Elon Musk, Tesla’s chief executive, called it “the most unique thing on the road.” Musk said the truck has the handling and speed of a sports car, with a towing capacity of 11,000 pounds and a 340-mile estimated range.

“Finally, the future will look like the future,” he said.

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