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Team Garage Life Celebrates 20 Years With a SoCal Toy Drive Car Meet Bash

The December car meet calendar in southern California is a hectic one. Between the weekly and monthly get-togethers that locals eagerly flock to, there are a number of year-end specific events that cater to the upcoming holidays, many of them taking place on the same weekend, and sometimes the same day as others. These additional gatherings are welcome additions, especially when they serve a greater purpose, like rounding up food for those in need or collecting new, unwrapped toys for less fortunate children, like Team Garage Life organized this month.

Hosted at the UTI Long beach campus, the venue’s parking lot reached capacity with over 400 cars and a group of vendor booths that took part. With contributions steadily flowing throughout the three-hour event, three truckloads of toys were collected, handed off to Purist Group, and promptly delivered to local organizations in and around the city of Compton.

We gave you a look at @roost_lyf’s restored and tastefully modded 1972 240Z earlier this year and today, it looks better than ever.

This late ’60s Toyota corona gets fender flares over a custom wheel and tire setup along with a boosted heart, but maintains its original patina.

You’ve seen plenty of 2JZ swaps online and in person, but you’ve probably never seen one powering a Lamborghini Gallardo, like this one that we first showed you during SEMA 2021. Since that time Bryce Yeager has continued to make changes.

There were also plenty of track cars on display, including this widebody E30 accompanied by an E36.

Attendees couldn’t get enough of Evasive Motorsports’ Civic Type R-powered S2000R. Packed with unique details and an elevated level of execution, it’s worth a very close look if you catch it in the wild. Until then, you can read about it here.

Check out a full gallery above of the custom cars that showed up to the charity event and consider chipping in next year for a good time and a good cause.

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