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2025 Jeep Renegade and Grand Cherokee Pave the Way Forward Across Imagination Land

Jeep is currently trying to find a new direction to move its adventures forward. As far as we have heard, unfortunately, not all models will make the journey.
2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee & Renegade CGI facelift by CarsVision 12 photos

Photo: CarsVision / YouTube

Stellantis probably isn’t too satisfied with what is going on at Jeep in terms of sales, but the specialty brand is trying to set everything on the right course with the recent Wrangler and Gladiator facelifts. Sadly, due to low demand and its collapsing popularity, Jeep has also decided to drop the rugged Renegade from the North American lineup, leaving the Compass compact CUV as its sole entry-level model.

On the other hand, the mighty Grand Cherokee doesn’t have anything to fear, as always. Its fifth generation was introduced in 2021, with the three-row long wheelbase Grand Cherokee L taking the prime time first. The regular Grand Cherokee swiftly followed it for the 2022 model year, and now they’re happily traveling along the mid-size crossover SUV as more rugged alternatives to models like the Toyota Highlander and Grand Highlander, for example.

But why are we talking about the Jeep Renegade and Grand Cherokee both? Well, put simply, it’s because the imaginative realm of digital car content creators wants us to. More precisely, the virtual artist behind the CarsVision channel on YouTube has imagined how the American specialty carmaker will treat the Renegade and Grand Cherokee if they are both granted a redesign simultaneously.

First, the 2025 Jeep Renegade has been unofficially restyled with subtler lines at the front and back – the front fascia is sleeker now, and the lights have a completely new DRL LED signature. There are also new alloy wheels, of course, while the profile remains primarily unchanged. At the back, the bumper is slightly different and has new lights, while the taillights also have a distinctive LED styling. All in all, it’s not bad, and we could see Jeep implement something like this for Renegade’s remaining markets.

Secondly, the 2025 Jeep Grand Cherokee keeps its status as a crossover SUV that welcomes the best of both worlds – it looks ready for a night out in town before embarking on an adventurous journey for a weekend at the cabin on the lake. It’s also sleeker than the OEM portrayal of the WL generation, and one might even feel like this unofficial mid-size crossover SUV could easily take a Range Rover Sport for a bout at the local mall venue. So, which is your favorite?

Also, do you think Jeep will keep the current strategy of having the regular Grand Cherokee available for a lower MSRP than the Cherokee, or will they rework the entire lineup after eliminating the Renegade? Frankly, we hope the Hurricane inline-six turbo mills will get democratized soon, and we’ll see them on more Jeeps than today – they would bode well for performance alongside the expanding 4xe roster, right?

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