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1972 Chevrolet Nova Found in a Climate-Controlled Garage Is a Museum-Grade Survivor

The 1972 Chevy Nova didn’t bring too many changes, but despite the lack of refinements, it still sold like hotcakes.
1972 Chevy Nova V8 77 photos

Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/Past and Present Motor Cars

The GM brand shipped close to 350,000 units, with the SS model again recording strong demand. The carmaker installed the Super Sport package on 12,309 Novas, showing the world that customers were still interested in the performance side of its car.

However, the six-cylinder Nova, which many considered the perfect choice, given the mix of great economy and looks, was still the best-selling configuration. Chevrolet installed the lazy yet efficient straight-six on nearly 140,000 Novas.

The 1972 example in these photos rolled off the assembly lines with a 350 V8 under the hood, delivering 225 horsepower thanks to a 3-speed Turbo 350 automatic transmission sending the power to the front wheels.

I won’t spend too much time describing what the eyes can see, as the Nova is nearly a perfect car, but if you wonder how it ended in such a great shape after all these years, the answer comes down to a climate-controlled garage. The vehicle has been sitting in California storage, where it was parked by the one and only owner it ever had.

The car is a survivor in all regards, coming with the stock setup installed by Chevrolet when the car rolled off the assembly lines. It flexes the same paint, the same interior, and the same engine. The only change that it received was “one minor repair” on the fenders, but otherwise, the Nova is unrestored, original, and unmolested.

The Nova wears the correct Cream Yellow (paint code 56) finish with the original black vinyl top. Everything is almost like a new car, with the Nova ready for the road.

However, whoever buys the car will probably want to keep it in storage for a little longer. The mileage is impressive, and nobody wants to ruin the great numbers on the odometer. The car has 43,500 miles on the clock, and they are all original, considering the Nova spent many years in storage.

As a survivor, the Nova should find a home in someone’s collection, especially as it doesn’t require any repairs. It has already received proper maintenance, so it comes with a newer gas tank, clean floors, and no rust overall.

Unsurprisingly, this Nova V8 won’t sell cheaply. Past and Present Motor Cars, the garage in charge of finding a new owner for this otherwise very appealing car, expects to get close to $44K. However, they also enabled the Make Offer button, so customers interested in the car can contact the dealer for additional information. You can find it in person in Florida, and while the Nova is ready for the road, you should take it on a trailer to preserve its mileage.

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