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Custom Tesla Lock Sounds – LockChime Library

Tesla included a new feature in its holiday update, the ability to customize your lock sound. While Tesla provided a handful of lock sounds to select from, like a screaming goat, quacking duck, or a prison door closing, they also gave us the ability to add your own. Since this feature is only used when the car is being locked, we don’t expect the fun police, also known as the NHTSA (or Transport Canada), to remove this feature like they did with the Boombox.

UPDATE: It looks like the sound previews aren’t working for everyone, but you can still download the files. We are working on a fix, but it seems like most can access the previews on a desktop computer, but not a mobile device. Sorry for the inconvenience.

How To Add a Custom Tesla Lock Sound

Once you have found the Lock Sound you want to use (check out list below), simply make sure it is named LockChime.wav. Then add it to the root level (top level) of your USB drive, there is no need to put it in a folder like you have to for Boombox. Currently you can only have one lock sound on the USB drive.

How to download

Press the play button to listen to the sound, then right-click the name and select ‘Save As’ (PC) or ‘Save Link As (Mac) to download it. Each sound file in named LockChime_Name. Simply remove ‘_Name’ before adding it to your USB drive.

Custom LockChime Suggestions?

If you have any suggestions on what lock sounds you would like to see on the list, or have a wav file we can add, email us at locksounds@driveteslacanada.ca and we’ll get them added.

Elon Musk – Go Fuck Yourself

Portal – Are You Still There

Portal – Sentry Mode Activated

Portal – Nap Time

Portal – Resting

Portal – Resting

Portal – Hibernating

Portal – Goodbye

Portal – Sleep Mode

Portal – Shutting Down


Mario – Let’s go!

Terminator – I’ll Be Back

Windows XP Shutting Down

Pacman Dies


Video Game Opening Sound

Machine Shutting Down

Woman Screaming

HAM Radio Tuner


Modem Logging On


Jingle Bells




Phone Disconnect


Cavalry Charge

Sports Game Buzzer


Bicycle Bell

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