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Where am I going to charge my EV? The answer can be frustrating.

DENVER ‒ Aaron Schlechter loves driving his electric pickup past the lines of cars and SUVs waiting to fuel up at Costco.

With a range of about 300 miles, his Ford F-150 Lightning recharges overnight or at his office during the day. Unless he’s making a long drive with his family, he never needs to fill up.

“What I tell people is that it takes a little a bit of a shift,” he said of driving a fully electric vehicle. “And the greatest thing is that you basically never have to charge when you’re out ‒ your gas station is essentially at your house.”

An EV fan since he got a Tesla in 2016, Schlechter is among the most experienced chargers of electric vehicles nationally. He enjoys the freedom of waking up to a fully charged vehicle at his home every day, one with the range to take him almost anywhere he needs to go.

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