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DENZA: From China to the World, Redefining Luxury EVs

DENZA, a new energy luxury brand born from the powerhouse partnership of BYD and Mercedes-Benz, isn’t just electrifying the Chinese market; it’s charging onto the global stage. This ambitious brand, embracing globalization in its DNA, aims to redefine Chinese automotive luxury and become a world leader in the new energy segment.

DENZA’s global ambitions are evident in its relentless international expansion. 2023 saw a whirlwind of appearances at prestigious motor shows, from Bangkok to Munich to Tokyo. At each event, the luxurious DENZA D9 and N7 garnered rave reviews, winning over hearts and minds of both media and customers. This consistent international exposure is laying the groundwork for DENZA to become the “business card” of Chinese new energy luxury cars, rewriting the narrative of the industry and introducing the world to a new standard of automotive excellence.

DENZA: From China to the World, Redefining Luxury EVs

But DENZA’s success isn’t limited to the international arena. Back home, the brand has achieved remarkable feats. The DENZA D9, a luxurious MPV boasting cutting-edge technology and unparalleled comfort, became the fastest-selling new-generation Chinese luxury model, reaching 100,000 units in just 11 months. This remarkable achievement, coupled with its position as the best-selling luxury van over RMB 300,000 for 11 consecutive months, establishes DENZA as a dominant force in the domestic market.

The D9’s success isn’t just about numbers; it’s about exceeding expectations. With an average selling price exceeding RMB 420,000, it’s the most expensive model among Chinese automobile brands, yet maintains the top resale value in the new energy segment after a year. This impressive feat underscores the value and quality ingrained in every DENZA vehicle, making it the preferred choice for discerning individuals like national actress Hai Qing and entrepreneur Cao Hui.

DENZA’s journey represents more than just a brand’s expansion; it’s a testament to the rising strength and innovation of the Chinese automotive industry. By combining BYD’s cutting-edge new energy technology with Mercedes-Benz’s legendary luxury manufacturing, DENZA is pushing boundaries and proving that Chinese brands can compete on the global stage.

Looking forward, DENZA’s global ambitions are only accelerating. With plans to expand its product portfolio and create unparalleled luxury travel experiences for international users, DENZA is poised to play a pivotal role in China’s journey to becoming a global automotive powerhouse.


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