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The Honda Prelude Is Coming Back As A Hybrid Sports Coupe | Carscoops

The Honda Prelude Concept is bigger than its predecessors but importantly, has remained a coupe and will be powered by an unknown hybrid unit

October 27, 2023 at 08:19

Update (2): We’ve just dropped some fresh eye candy in the form of the latest live photos of the Prelude study straight from the auto show.

Update (1): A Honda press spokesperson tweeted that the Prelude Concept does not preview a purely electric model, as the brand’s limited release on the car suggested, but rather a hybrid. We also reached out to a second spokesperson from the company’s U.S, division, who confirmed this information.

“I can confirm it’s a hybrid,” the spokesperson told Carscoops. “The announcement we made in April of 2022 was that Honda would begin exploring the creation of two sporty electrified models, a Specialty and Flagship. Our hybrid-electric system is an electrified powertrain, so the plan has not changed.”

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“The Prelude Concept is being considered for the Japanese market. We’re not going to speculate about our future product plans in North America,” he added.

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Honda’s ‘one more thing’ moment during the Japan Mobility Show wasn’t the rumored NSX replacement but rather the resurrection of another popular nameplate from its sports car stable; the new-age Prelude Concept. The company has described the prototype as a ‘production-intent’ vehicle, indicating that it will soon spawn a model for the road, much like how Acura reinvented the classic Integra name a few years ago.

The Prelude Concept departs from the traditional design of its predecessors. While previous Preludes were known for their compact, two-door coupe style, the new concept takes on a significantly larger form, although that’s hardly a surprise given how big cars are nowadays.

When viewed from the front, you could be excused for thinking you were looking at a new car from Toyota, perhaps forming part of the new Crown family. The car has a pair of sharp headlights connected with an LED light bar positioned just above where a license plate would sit. The lower portion of the bumper is finished in black with a mesh pattern and has a small vertical design element finished in blue.

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The side profile is a little more fitting of the Prelude name. Small wing mirrors finished in black are visible as are flush door handles and angular rocker panels. Honda has also fitted the concept with a set of gloss black wheels and blue brake calipers that provide a hint of its performance credentials. The roofline quickly tapers down to the rear which looks like a bit cross between a Porsche 911 and a Hyundai Ioniq 6. Dominating the rear is a full-width LED light bar, a black lip spoiler, and a gloss black bumper.

Very little else is known about the Honda Prelude Concept at this stage but the carmaker describes it as a “sporty” model that will deliver “the joy of driving” and “provide extraordinary excitement that you have never felt before.” Honda added that it is continuing the development of the model and other than stating that it is electrified, has not yet made any other mention about its powertrain.

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