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Farm Project: Abandoned 1960 Chevy Bel Air Fighting for Another Chance

The Bel Air was Chevy’s superstar in the late ’50s, but the Impala’s arrival turned it into a second-class citizen. Impala received most of Chevrolet’s love, and despite still being a key part of the full-size offering, the Bel Air was often just “plan B” for many buyers.

1960 Chevy Bel Air 21 photosPhoto: eBay seller davidp4843

Impala and Bel Air became separate series in 1959, but they continued to share almost everything. However, the Bel Air gradually lost Impala’s customer appeal, as Chevrolet wanted its new nameplate to sport the best it could offer on every model year.The strategy was still fresh in 1960 when the Impala was only in its second year as a stand-alone series. The Bel Air and the Impala received the same changes, including the famous 1958 taillight design that was dropped for the 1959 model year.

The Bel Air no longer included a convertible, as Chevrolet made it an Impala-exclusive body style, so the 1960 model year could only be had as a sedan or hardtop.

The 1960 Bel Air that recently landed on eBay courtesy of seller davidp4843 is an intriguing farm survivor (not that kind of survivor, though) and promises a solid shape despite a concerning look at first glance. The vehicle has likely been sitting for a long time in what looks to be some sort of shed, already losing some parts while waiting for a second chance.

I won’t comment too much on what the eyes can see, but you should expect the typical problems, including rust on the floors and possibly in the trunk, too.

However, the biggest problem is the lack of an engine. The Bel Air no longer has an engine under the hood, as someone has already pulled the mill and the transmission likely to install them on another full-size project.

The 1960 Bel Air could be had with the same engine lineup as the Impala, including lazy six-cylinder units and two V8s. The top choice remained the 348, no longer available with fuel injection on the 1960 model year but still producing 335 horsepower in the top configuration. A 348 would be the best choice for this Bel Air if you plan on sticking with a 1960 block, but as long as the car returns to the road, you can use any engine you want.

It’s impossible to tell if this Bel Air is an easy project without first seeing it live, especially because the photos seem to tell a different story. The car looks challenging and has many missing parts, so you should go to Cheyenne, Wyoming, to see what this Bel Air is all about. Meanwhile, the digital fight for the car is underway, with the top offer reaching $1,825 a few minutes ago. The reserve is still in place and is unlikely to be triggered before the auction ends.

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