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Will 2024 make it easier to purchase an electric bike or vehicle? 

MANITOU SPRINGS — Buying an electric vehicle will come with a bigger tax credit in 2024. Starting next year, several electric vehicles will be eligible for an additional $2,500 in tax credits. It is another way the state is trying to push towards green transportation.

Over this past year, some communities in Southern Colorado like Pueblo and Manitou Springs have added electric vehicle charging stations. It’s part of a larger push in Colorado for green transportation.

While some vehicles require occasional trips to the gas stations, owner’s of electric cars either charge at home, or have to visit an EV charging station.

Frankie Rose has been driving an electric car since Friday. She views EV’s as fun, expensive and frustrating.

“I thought charging it would be less expensive than filling a gas tank, but it is just as expensive and it takes just as long if not more,” Rose said.

Currently, Colorado offers a $5,000 tax credit for most electric vehicles. Starting on January 1st, there will be an additional $2,500 tax credit for qualifying EV’s.

Rose said the tax credit is a good idea, but that more charging stations need to be installed.

“I was not able to use the charging station right near my house because there was a line for it,” Rose said.

Cars are not the only form of transportation that is electric.

The City of Manitou Springs is trying to get more people to use electric bikes by giving out vouchers. Starting in 2024, the City of Manitou Springs will give away free vouchers for electric bikes.

The Public Information Officer for Manitou Springs, Alex Trefry said there are many benefits to having more electric bikes in the city.

““The whole idea is to incentivize getting out of your car and getting on a bike and enjoying Manitou Springs that way,” Trefry said. “Being on a bike increases connectivity around Manitou Springs, you meet people like you would not in a car, you enjoy the environment that you would not in a car.”

Trefry said it also helped them address their biggest problem, congestion.

“It takes a car off the road, frees up a parking space, it reduces congestion and therefore increases the quality of life for Manitou Springs residents. It also does not have carbon emissions so it is better for the environment. There are multiple benefits,” Trefry said.

They hope that getting more people to ride bikes will solve their traffic problem.

Trefry said e-bikes are also a part of their sustainability initiative. According to the city, electric bikes are better for the environment than gas-fueled vehicles.

The city is partnering with multiple bike stores in Manitou that will accept the vouchers, including E-Bike Sale and Rental.

The owner of E-Bike Sale and Rental, Sam Cobble said the bike vouchers will help his business and the traffic issue.

“If you live here in the summer you don’t want to drive on Manitou Springs Avenue. It is backed up all season,” Cobble said. “This will definitely allow the locals to get around town in a much more convenient way.”

The electric bike vouchers are first come first serve. They will be available on January 3rd, at 8:00am.

Trefry said the city is offering 70, $700 vouchers and 30 vouchers worth $500. They are also based on income.

“This is more tailored to low income houses and this is meant to boost their connectivity as well, and it is for folks that could really use the e-bike and help them out,” Trefry said.

The additional tax credit for purchasing electric vehicles in the state will be available on January 1st.

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