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2025 VW Golf Readies 50th Birthday Bash With Facelift Debut In January | Carscoops

The Golf celebrates 50 years in 2024, and VW plans to celebrate its past and its future

December 27, 2023 at 13:35

Volkswagen is gearing up for a facelift of the eighth-generation Golf, with the compact model set to be revealed at the end of January. The refresh will be an important one for the brand and the car, which is celebrating its 50th year anniversary in 2024.

The upcoming facelifted Mk8 Golf will bring several enhancements, including “visually refined features, new assist systems and powertrains, and also next-generation infotainment systems and software.” Volkswagen came under fire for the compact car’s fully touch-based infotainment setup, which was prone to software issues early on.

Last week, VW showed off the first teaser image of the updated Golf, which had a revised LED lighting signature that is inspired by the one on its ID-branded electric vehicles. A revised front and rear fascia are also expected.

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Teaser image of updated Mk8 Golf | Volkswagen News

In addition to introducing an updated version of the car, VW says it will celebrate the Golf’s 50th anniversary by taking classic examples to events around the world. A lineup of its seven historic generations is planned for shows in Paris and Bremen.

Among the vehicles will be the infrequently seen EA 276 concept car, which was developed in 1969, in Wolfsburg. This concept car represents an early precursor to the first-generation Golf and differs significantly from the final production model, which was ultimately designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro.

Handing the reins over to the Italian designer was, apparently, a good idea, as it would take just two years for the first-generation Golf to reach 1 million sales worldwide. Today, more than 37 million examples of the hatchback have been delivered to customers around the globe.

“The secret of success was and still is the sum of all its characteristics,” writes VW. “This is because the Golf has always been a perfect companion for everyday life, embodying versatility, functionality, reliability and quality.”

Following the unveiling of the latest example of the Golf in late January, VW expects pre-sales of the model to start in the spring of 2024.

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