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When Every Car Brand Plans to Go Electric

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Jaguar has announced plans to go all-electric by 2025. The brand will ditch the entire current lineup and relaunch with three all-new EVs — an SUV, a sedan and a four-door grand tourer — based on a new long-wheelbase JEA architecture.

Alfa Romeo has a “fully locked and funded” product plan through 2030. Every new Alfa Romeo from 2025 onward will be electric. The lineup will go 100 percent electric by 2027.

General Motors has said Cadillac will go entirely electric by 2030. Non-Escalade vehicles will likely depart the lineup earlier than that at the end of their model runs.

Mazda’s EV plans call full for a full-scale rollout of EV models between 2028 and 2030 and 25-40% of vehicle sales to be EVs by 2030.

GMC will go electric in 2035 as part of GM’s complete pivot away from internal combustion vehicles.

Ram has not pledged to go all-electric. But the brand’s new electric pickup, the Ram 1500 REV, is on the way for the 2025 model year.

Subaru has not announced plans to go all-electric yet. But the brand is ramping up its EV efforts. Subaru wants to have four EVs in the lineup by 2026 and be moving 600,000 EVs per year by 2030.

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