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Fisker Ocean Invasion: A Growing Trend in Our City

Spotting Fisker Oceans in San Diego is becoming a regular occurrence for us as we drive throughout our city.

Fisker Ocean spotted with a Mariana exterior and 22" SlipStream wheels.
Fisker Ocean spotted with a Mariana exterior and 22″ SlipStream wheels.

Today, we encountered the thrilling sight of stunning Fisker Oceans dominating San Diego’s streets, turning heads and sparking excitement. Have you ever experienced the thrill of unexpectedly encountering a Fisker Ocean while going about your daily errands? Well, we certainly have, and it seems like Fisker Ocean fever has taken our city by storm. Over the past week, Fisker Oceans have become a common sight for us throughout San Diego.

However, this morning marked a remarkable first for us. We spotted not only one, but two Fisker Oceans within minutes of each other. What are the odds of that!? The first Fisker Ocean wasn’t the typical One trim either that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing. The distinct possibility of it being an Extreme, Ultra, or Sport trim added an extra layer of excitement to the encounter. Naturally, we couldn’t resist the urge to snap a photo hoping to cross paths with the owner.

As we cruised along Highway 101, our eyes were drawn to this Fisker Ocean with a Great White exterior, Sea Salt interior, and Aero Stealth wheels. While it wasn’t the first time we’d seen a Fisker Ocean in this color, the 20″ wheels were a fresh sight. Soon after, we encountered another Fisker Ocean with a Mariana exterior and 22″ SlipStream wheels. It gracefully turned into one of our favorite parks near Downtown Encinitas. The day isn’t over yet, maybe we’ll spot another this afternoon! 👋

Seeing Fisker Oceans in Your City

Soon, Fisker Oceans will flood every city street. Spotting these electric vehicles has turned into a fun game for our family. It makes us wonder whether the trend of seeing Fisker Oceans in the wild extends to other cities as well.

Nevertheless, mark your calendars for January 20th. Over 20 Fisker Ocean meetups are set to occur nationwide, boasting an impressive 1,000 confirmed RSVPs. Attending one of these meetups guarantees the sight of numerous Fisker Oceans, showcasing various configurations for proud owners, enthusiasts, and future buyers alike.

As we eagerly anticipate these upcoming meetups, we urge everyone to keep their eyes wide open for Fisker Ocean sightings in their cities. Share a photo if you happen upon one, and who knows, you might discover automotive design elegance during your daily routine!

Fisker Ocean Owner Meetups

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