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Alfa Romeo Milano Debuts In April, Here’s What We Know About The New Baby SUV | Carscoops

Update 12/14: After Alfa Romeo cheekily left us navigating GPS coordinates last week, fueling speculation that their inaugural sub-compact SUV could bear the Brennero moniker, the Italian automaker has now definitively christened it Milano. This name choice is a tribute to the city where Alfa Romeo had its inception in 1910, adding a touch of heritage to their new creation.

In addition to revealing the car’s name, Alfa Romeo has provided further details about the vehicle’s launch plan. The official unveiling is scheduled to occur in the same city in April of 2024. Following that, the fully-electric version will hit the European market in September, with a mild-hybrid gasoline variant joining the lineup before the end of the year.

“With the arrival of MILANO in 2024, Alfa Romeo completes a line-up capable of meeting the desires of all our enthusiasts and much more,” said the company’s CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato. “[The] MILANO is intended as a symbolic ‘welcome back’ to all our Alfisti fans. As owners of the Giulietta and Mito, they have been waiting to confirm their love for Alfa Romeo. It also serves as a ‘welcome’ to anyone looking for a unique sporting experience in this segment and the distinctive beauty of Italian design. MILANO is the first milestone in the brand’s transition process to electric and, like the Tonale, has the important task of further strengthening Alfa Romeo’s global presence.”

 Alfa Romeo Milano Debuts In April, Here’s What We Know About The New Baby SUV

Alfa Romeo is poised to enter the world of electric vehicles with the introduction of a new sub-compact SUV, slated for release in 2024. Named the Milano, it will occupy a position below the Tonale in Alfa Romeo’s lineup, serving as the new entry-level model in the range. It effectively steps into the role of a successor – albeit indirectly- to the long-discontinued B-segment MiTo supermini, offering additional practicality through a taller five-door body style/

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As the launch date approaches, we have gathered all the available information about the upcoming entry-level model that will share its foundations with other Stellantis B-SUVs, including the Jeep Avenger and the Fiat 600.

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Illustrations Carscoops / Jean Francois Hubert SB-Medien

To provide a glimpse of its appearance, our artists have crafted a speculative illustration, drawing inspiration from material that surfaced a few months ago. These photos were said to have been unintentionally published by a UX designer involved in the development of digital instrument cluster graphics, inadvertently unveiling the model’s exterior design.

As showcased in our renderings, the sub-compact Italian SUV will feature a distinctive angular design for the iconic Scudetto grille, with the Alfa Romeo emblem positioned on the hood, reminiscent of the 33 Stradale supercar. Additionally, the grille’s relatively smaller size allows for the placement of a centrally-mounted license plate beneath the Giulia-style intakes.

The LED headlights are expected to stand out from the rest of Alfa’s lineup, with illuminated bars inside dark clusters. While some elements, such as the sculpted bonnet and black pillars, may draw parallels with the similarly-sized Nissan Juke, distinctive Alfa Romeo details like the phone-dial wheels will infuse the design with a sporty Italian character. Moving to the rear, we anticipate a coupe-style rear glass, complemented by a prominent wing and a secondary spoiler positioned above a pair of slim LED taillights.

In general, it appears that the Milano will maintain distinct exterior components, with minimal shared elements from the Jeep Avenger or the Fiat 600. Possible exceptions could include the mirror caps, windshield, and door handles. Notably, the rear door handles are integrated into the plastic pillar, a design reminiscent of the now-discontinued Giulietta. Turning to the interior, you can anticipate the typical Stellantis hardware, complete with customized graphics for the digital cockpit and dark-themed trim choices for the upholstery.

Shared underpinnings, multiple powertrain options

 Alfa Romeo Milano Debuts In April, Here’s What We Know About The New Baby SUV

The Alfa Romeo Milano will make use of the CMP/eCMP architecture, placing it in line with other sub-compact SUVs and hatchbacks in the B-segment in Europe, shared among various Stellantis brands. This platform, which will eventually evolve into the STLA Small, has demonstrated its compatibility with gasoline, mild-hybrid, and fully electric powertrains.

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Alfa Romeo has officially confirmed the B-SUV as its initial step into full electrification. However, the leaked photos suggest that it will also offer an internal combustion engine (ICE) version. The ICE-powered variant is likely to incorporate some form of electrification to enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and boost power. A suitable option could be the turbocharged 1.2-liter mild-hybrid unit utilized in the Fiat 600 Hybrid and the Jeep Avenger Hybrid. Alternatively, Alfa Romeo may opt for the higher-output version available in sibling models from Peugeot and Opel, providing a performance advantage.

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It’s essential to note that regardless of the specific powertrain choice, the combustion-engine variant(s) will be phased out by 2027 when Alfa Romeo transitions to becoming an exclusively electric vehicle brand.

And that leads us to the fully electric version which will be the highlight of the lineup. Sources suggest that the Milano could be offered in both single-motor, front-wheel-drive (FWD), and dual-motor, all-wheel-drive (AWD) configurations. One of the leaked graphics indicates an electric range of 384 km (239 miles) with a fully charged battery, a figure similar to the WLTP rating of the Jeep Avenger.

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 Alfa Romeo Milano Debuts In April, Here’s What We Know About The New Baby SUV

The Jeep Avenger EV and the Fiat 600e feature a front-mounted electric motor generating 154 hp (115 kW / 156 PS) and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of torque, along with a 54 kWh battery pack, consistent with the majority of EV offerings from Stellantis. A dual electric motor powertrain would certainly be more powerful than that, resulting in much improved performance figures. This setup was previewed by the 2022 Jeep Avenger 4×4 Concept, and could be used in the flagship trim of the Alfa Milano.

Apart from the powertrains, Alfa Romeo’s engineers are reportedly determined to inject a sporty DNA into their upcoming junior model. They aim to achieve this by implementing a brand-specific suspension and steering setup, which promises to set the Milano apart from the mechanically related models and emphasize its sportier character.

Launch date

Alfa Romeo’s third and smallest crossover after the Stelvio and the Tonale is set to go on sale in Europe next September. The launch will commence with the EV variant, followed a couple months later by the PHEV gasoline model. While a small electric SUV may appear to be the polar opposite of the exotic Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, it holds far more significance in terms of sales volume for the Italian brand’s survival.

Note: The independent renderings are off-the-record and unrelated to Alfa Romeo.

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