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Introducing Driving Ahead, NADA’s New Podcast


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It’s not just enough to read today’s headlines. Understanding trends, policies and new ideas requires examining what will make headlines tomorrow. That’s why beginning today NADA is proud to offer you glimpses into the future of the automotive industry with its new podcast, Driving Ahead.

In these roughly 30-minute episodes, NADA engages in thought-provoking conversations with leaders in business, technology and entertainment. The series offers a platform for taking deep dives into key trends shaping the future of the automotive world, and in a portable format.

So where does Driving Ahead live in the world of podcasts? Well, take a sharp right turn down Wall Street, cruise through Detroit, hang a left past Silicon Valley and Hollywood, then floor it as we discover together what’s beyond the horizon line.

Watch or listen as NADA’s Jonathan Collegio interviews guests including Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, journalists, business titans, award-winning analysts, social influencers, marketing geniuses, automotive industry icons and more. The first three episodes now available are:

  • Peter Boulware, ex-NFL player and Super Bowl champion turned Florida auto dealer
    • Advice from legendary coach Bobby Bowden that translates from football to business arenas
    • What makes a great team
    • How we can better promote diversity within the industry
  • Michael Dunne, CEO of Dunne Insights and former president of GM Indonesia
    • Snapshots of the Chinese market and their future intentions
    • How Chinese cars could take a back door into the U.S. market
    • If it’s possible for the US to compete
  • John Murphy, managing director and lead US auto analyst for Bank of America Securities 
    • EV sales projections
    • Economic forecast (we promise, you’ll like it)
    • How many of us will be in EVs in 10 years

Upcoming episodes in season one will premiere every other Tuesday and include:

  • Paul & Andrew Walser, 30-location dealers in four states continuously working to improve the customer experience
  • Geoffrey Moore, theorist on adoption of technology and bestselling author, Crossing the Chasm
  • Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize-winning author and expert on energy, geopolitics and the global economy and bestselling author, The Prize and The New Map
  • Jared Orton, President, Savannah Bananas minor league baseball team, expert on “fans-first” mentality
  • Mike Allen and Roy Schwartz, co-founders of Axios news service and creators of the Smart Brevity writing format
  • Glenn Mercer, auto industry consultant and futurist specializing in dealerships of the future
  • Jonathan Haidt, American social psychologist and author of the bestseller The Righteous Mind and the soon-to-be released book The Anxious Generation, dealing with the topics of morality, politics and religion

Jump in, buckle up and take a ride with us as we trek across diverse terrain and dare to ask, “What’s next?” Find Driving Ahead wherever you listen to podcasts.

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