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Sneak Peek: Fisker Ocean Monterey and Fisker Level-1 Portable Charging Cable

Get a sneak peek of the Fisker Ocean Monterey, a special edition electric SUV, and the newly available Fisker Level-1 portable charger.

Today, we are giving you a preview of the special edition Fisker Ocean Monterey. Photos of the new design, taken at the beach and throughout the streets of Southern California, surfaced online yesterday. In these photos, we closely examined the striking special edition “Monterey.” Highlighted in the photos, the Fisker Ocean Monterey, showcases a Sun Soaked exterior, a redesigned interior, and 22″ SlipStream wheels.

The interior, undergoing a makeover for this special edition, exudes a luxurious feel. Brown wooden panels are featured on the dashboard, extending seamlessly throughout the vehicle much like Fisker’s Alaska pickup truck. These warm wooden accents are likely reclaimed and sustainably sourced to align with Fisker’s mission. The seats have been transformed, adopting a new color scheme that seamlessly blends shades of cream and brown.

One thing we can see, Fisker has introduced new seating materials with a perforated texture. This is accompanied by elegant embroidering displaying the letter “M” on the headrests for the special edition Fisker Ocean Monterey. Additionally, a distinctive emblem reading “MONTEREY” appears on the rear of the vehicle. The Monterey logo resembles the seaside city on California’s rugged central coast.

As of now, limited photos provide our only insights. Fisker has yet to disclose details as of this moment. We don’t know when it will be available, pricing for this special edition Fisker Ocean, or if it will be an exclusive for one of Fisker’s new dealer partners. Rest assured, we will promptly share any new details as soon as they emerge!

New Fisker Level-1 Charger

Fisker's level-1 portable charging cable.
Fisker’s level-1 portable charging cable.

Fisker has just revealed a new electric vehicle charger. If you’ve been wanting a Fisker branded Level-1 portage charger, here it is! The new portable charging cable enables you to charge your Fisker electric vehicle through a standard household electrical outlet. Often called a Level-1, mobile, or emergency charger, this portable charging cable operates within the capacity of your household grid constraints, resulting in slower charging speeds than a Level-2 home charger. The Fisker Level-1 charger runs $225 plus tax, including free shipping in the United States. Since the Fisker Ocean doesn’t include a Level-1 charger, we decided to order one in case we need it on the go. As soon as it arrives, we will post a video to our YouTube channel, unboxing and testing the charger out for you to see it in action.

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