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Toyota Teases FT-Se Electric GR Sports Car And FT-3E Crossover Concepts | Carscoops

Both the Toyota FT-Se and FT-3e concept cars aim to be more than simple transportation tools


by Brad Anderson

October 16, 2023 at 01:20

 Toyota Teases FT-Se Electric GR Sports Car And FT-3E Crossover Concepts

Toyota has teased two intriguing concepts cars that will debut at the Japan Mobility Show 2023 on October 26. Both concepts are battery-electric vehicles and are dubbed the FT-Se and FT-3e respectively.

The Toyota FT-Se is the most intriguing of the two as it takes the form of a GR-branded high-performance sports car. Toyota describes it as “one of the options for sports cars in the carbon-neutral era” and notes that it makes use of the expertise Gazoo Racing has gained in motorsports over recent years.

The wide and low profile of the FT-Se immediately catches the eye and while Toyota already builds the GR 86 and Supra sports cars, the FT-Se looks nothing like either of them. Instead, it appears to be an evolved version of the GR Sports Concept, an MR2-like electric model, which was unveiled toward the end of 2021.

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Visible at the rear are thin LED taillights that curve upwards and along thin vertical fins on either side. The teaser also shows a prominent GR badge sitting on the pronounced rear lip spoiler and we can also see a dramatic diffuser finished in black.

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 Toyota Teases FT-Se Electric GR Sports Car And FT-3E Crossover Concepts

Most of the FT-Se’s exterior is clad in orange but it does include a black roof and black wing mirrors. A separate teaser also previews the car’s interior where we can see a prominent digital instrument cluster, a yoke-style steering wheel, and infotainment displays on either side of the yoke. Toyota also says it will feature “newly designed kneepads [to] protect the body from G-forces during driving.” The carmaker adds that the concept pursues “handling stability and aerodynamic performance” and will support software updates.

 Toyota Teases FT-Se Electric GR Sports Car And FT-3E Crossover Concepts

Then we have the Toyota FT-3e. It is a sleek battery-electric crossover concept and includes an LED light bar stretching across the rear. Dozens of vertical LEDs have also been positioned along the base of the doors and can display battery charge, interior temperature, and the air quality of the cabin. Its exterior design is largely void of the curves and creases of the FT-Se and is much more angular. Toyota says the exterior lines and surfaces have been made “as simply as possible.”

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Toyota believes that both concept cars represent more than physical transportation tools and that they will offer “the joy of personal ride customization, as well as convenient functions for stress-free browsing of local area information.”

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