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With NFTs Dead, The Car Industry Pivots To AI

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As cars have become more technologically advanced, traditional auto shows have become less important. In their place, automakers are largely focusing on events like the Consumer Electronics Show, and this year was no different. Thankfully, people finally realized that non-fungible tokens are stupid, so this year, companies went all-in on a new trend — artificial intelligence.

Car companies weren’t the only ones that showed up to CES with AI-powered innovations. As Axios points out, it seemed like everything at the show was supposedly powered by AI, whether we’re talking about self-docking boats or flying taxis. That said, we also saw Volkswagen announce plans to integrate Chat GPT into its lineup, giving you the ability to have a conversation with your Tiguan.

Mercedes-Benz also announced something similar would be available on the upcoming 2025 CLA sedan, although it doesn’t appear that Mercedes is using Chat GPT. Traditionally, new technology features have first been introduced on the S-Class, but it seems like Mercedes thinks AI-powered conversations with your car is going to be more appealing to younger buyers who drive the CLA than S-Class owners who are, on average, 357 years old.

Further cementing CES’s position as an auto show, we also saw multiple automakers reveal concepts. That includes Honda, which showed off the super cool Saloon and Space Hub concepts, as well as Kia, which showed off a new line of modular vans. VinFast, the troubled Vietnamese automaker that’s still convinced it can break into the U.S. market, was also there, showing off a new pickup truck, as well as a teeny tiny electric SUV that it apparently plans to sell here.

We’re not sure how successful a 125-mile electric crossover that’s two feet shorter than a Fiat 500e will do in the U.S., but we do love cute, small cars more than yet another PedestrianCrusher Maxxx 9000, so we do wish VinFast the best of luck with that one. It’s going to need it.

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