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World’s First Everything-By-Wire Vehicle Severs All Mechanical Links To Driver, Hits US

The electric Ree P7-C truck has steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire technology serveing all mechanical links to the driver

January 12, 2024 at 18:12

 World’s First Everything-By-Wire Vehicle Severs All Mechanical Links To Driver, Hits US Roads

The Ree P7-C may look like a boring delivery truck, but it’s actually the world’s first fully ‘everything-by-wire’ vehicle, and it has just received approval for use on American roads. With steering, braking, and driving all handled by signals, the truck severs all traditional mechanical linkages between the driver and powertrain, steering, and brakes.

At the core of the system lies the REEcorner tech, which consolidates essential vehicle components (steering, braking, suspension, powertrain, and control) into a single compact module positioned between the chassis and each wheel. Each of the four independent modules, one at each corner, is controlled by its own electronic control unit (ECU), while a central REEcenter ECU manages all corner-level functions.

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Ree says that its everything-by-wire technology enables commercial vehicles to attain superior maneuverability, expanded interior space, enhanced ergonomics facilitated by the low step-in height of the driver cabin, improved serviceability, streamlined maintenance, and a modular design. With multiple hardware and software redundancies, Ree claims that the truck is safe, despite its lack of physical connections to the controls.

The automaker also believes that the system’s over-the-air update capability will future-proof the truck, and may even improve its residual value. Currently, they are providing demonstrator versions of the P7-C to dealers so that they can show it off to potential customers, and convince them of the technology’s advantages.

“I believe our REEcorner is a true game changer, allowing us to build electric trucks that fleets will want to buy, and drivers will love to drive as we continue to see a strong demand for our work trucks,” said Daniel Barel, Ree Automotive CEO. “I am incredibly proud of the team at Ree for completing certification of the automotive industry’s first ever fully x-by-wire vehicle.”

What might be more appealing to potential customers than the everything-by-wire technology are the tax advantages they stand to gain by purchasing the new electric vehicle. Ree says that the P7-C is eligible for up to $40,000 in credits per vehicle via the Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit. Combined with state credits, the company believes that some customers could be approved for up to $100,000 in incentives per vehicle, depending on their location.

“Achieving this certification milestone is a testament to REE’s dedicated team and our determination to bring this technology to market safely,” said Richard Colley, REE’s VP of Government and Regulatory Affairs. “The federal and state incentives that the P7-C will be eligible for will help accelerate fleet electrification in the US, helping to improve public health and meet ambitious climate goals.”

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