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2025 Citroen C5 Aircross: What We Know About The New Compact French SUV | Carscoops

Citroen’s more budget-friendly sibling of the Peugeot 3008 will receive its first-ever electric vehicle (EV) option, along with updated electrified petrol powertrains

 2025 Citroen C5 Aircross: What We Know About The New Compact French SUV

This story contains speculative renderings that are not affiliated with or endorsed by Citroen.

Citroen is gearing up to rejuvenate its lineup with several new models in the coming years, drawing inspiration from the Oli concept as it redefines its position within the Stellantis portfolio. After the forthcoming e-C3 supermini and the next-generation C3 Aircross small SUV, Citroen’s next move is likely to involve the introduction of a new generation for the larger C5 Aircross, with both hybrid and EV variants.

The current Citroen C5 Aircross was launched in 2018 and underwent a mid-life update in 2022, similar to the closely related Opel Grandland, Peugeot 3008, and DS 7 compact SUVs. The new generation of the Peugeot 3008 was recently unveiled in EV guise, while an Opel Grandland successor is scheduled for 2024. This suggests that Citroen will likely follow suit with an update to its C5 Aircross.

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Illustrations Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien for Carscoops

As shown in the speculative renderings produced by our associates, the new C5 Aircross is expected to draw inspiration from the Oli concept, incorporating design elements such as Citroen’s new oval-shaped double-chevron emblem, which could potentially be illuminated.

Anticipate slimmer LED lighting units at both the front and rear, sculpted fenders, and extensive plastic cladding throughout the bodywork, enhancing the SUV’s adventurous appearance. This is complemented by decorative skid plates on the front and rear bumpers.

At the rear, the C5 Aircross is expected to retain its distinctive style compared to the sleeker new Peugeot 3008. It will forgo the coupe-SUV look in favor of a more robust rear end. This design choice could provide practical advantages in terms of cargo space and also help distinguish it from the lower-slung Citroen C5 X flagship.

Larger And More Spacious

The interior of the 2022 Citroen Oli Concept

In terms of size, Citroen’s entry into the compact SUV segment is expected to increase from its current length of 4.50 meters (177.2 inches) to closer to the 4.54 meters (178.7 inches) of the new Peugeot 3008. This adjustment makes sense, especially considering that the upcoming generation of the smaller C3 Aircross is projected to measure 4.32 meters (170.1 inches) in length, pushing the C5 Aircross into a larger category. With this shift, the wheelbase could also be extended, resulting in an even more spacious interior.

Inside, while it won’t look nearly as radical as the pictured orange-themed cabin of the Oli concept, it will bring some important updates. Citroen’s designers are striving to streamline the interior of their upcoming models in terms of aesthetics, materials, and technology, all while maintaining the brand’s hallmark focus on comfort

With this approach in mind, the new C5 Aircross may incorporate sustainable materials, along with playful accents and cleverly designed practical elements. Moreover, the integration of technology is expected to be more subdued, with screens taking a less dominant role compared to Peugeot’s new Panoramic i-Cockpit, which features a prominent 21-inch curved display.

From our perspective, it seems that Citroen’s new role in the Stellantis group is something between VW Group’s Skoda and Renault Group’s Dacia, married with a dose of French quirkiness.

New Platform And EV Option

Illustrations Jean Francois Hubert/SB-Medien for Carscoops

As with all of the compact and midsize models of Stellantis brands, the Citroen C5 Aircross will move from the aging EMP2 architecture of the PSA era to the all-new STLA Medium platform. This will allow it to become available in fully electric form for the first time, as with the Peugeot E-3008 which is the first model to ride on the new underpinnings.

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Peugeot offers a trio of EV options with a single-motor setup producing either 207 hp (157 kW / 210 PS) or 227 hp (170 kW / 230 PS), and a dual-motor setup chunking out 316 hp (240 kW / 320 PS). Two battery capacities are available, with a 73 kWh option providing up to 525 km (326 miles) of range, and a 98 kWh variant extending the maximum range to 700 km (435 miles). Currently, it remains uncertain whether Citroen will have access to all these powertrain options or if Stellantis will limit its affordability-focused brand to the less powerful FWD configurations.

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 2025 Citroen C5 Aircross: What We Know About The New Compact French SUV
The STLA Medium architecture will underpin numerous models from various Stellantis brands.

Considering Citroen’s commitment to affordability, it’s highly likely that the lineup will include the entry-level turbocharged 1.2-liter PureTech 48V mild hybrid powertrain. This engine, introduced in the current Citroen C5 Aircross earlier this year, boasts 134 hp (100 kW / 136 PS) and 230 Nm (170 lb-ft) of torque. It channels power to the front wheels through an electrified 6-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox (e-DCS6). Inside the gearbox housing, a compact electric motor can contribute an additional 12 hp (9 kW / 12 PS) during rapid acceleration, while a 48V lithium-ion battery aids in reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

It’s likely that Citroen will introduce additional mild hybrid options to the lineup as they phase out the 1.5 BluHDi diesel engine. The fate of the current PHEVs remains uncertain in the next generation, as EVs could potentially replace their role. However, the compatibility of the STLA Medium architecture with plug-in hybrid setups suggests that we should exercise caution before drawing any definitive conclusions.

Citroen remains tight-lipped about the next generation of the C5 Aircross but our sources suggest that the model is expected to debut in late 2024 or in 2025.

The current Citroen C5 Aircross

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