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De Tomaso announces P72 Hypercar delivery

Established in 1959 under the visionary leadership of Argentine racing star, Alejandro De Tomaso, the De Tomaso enterprise was founded upon a fundamental yet potent concept: design and build high-performance sports cars that seamlessly melded the allure of Italian design with precision engineering.


The collaborative brainchild of Shelby and De Tomaso, known as the ‘Prototipi’ or ‘P70,’ because of its planned 7.0-liter engine. However, as the project unfolded, the dynamic of two dominant figures resulted in the dissolution of their partnership, just on the cusp of completing the cars. The Shelby – De Tomaso P70 endures as the sole mechanical testament to what might have been a triumphant alliance. With its innovative ultralight central spine chassis and an ingeniously integrated Ford V8 engine, the P70 boasted a power-to-weight ratio that could effortlessly outmatch or surpass the competition.

Rebirth of a legend

In 2019, the world witnessed the debut of the P72, an amorous tribute to the legendary sports cars of the 1960s and 70s, most notably the iconic De Tomaso P70. Even today, the P70 remains a bit of a mystery, an unlikely collaboration between two of the most formidable personalities in international motorsport, Carroll Shelby and Alejandro de Tomaso. Together, they envisioned a race car that could dominate the likes of Porsche, Ferrari and Ford.

In commemoration of De Tomaso’s 60th Anniversary, we proudly introduced the inaugural project of our resurgence, the P72. This elegant creation pays heartfelt homage to the De Tomaso P70, drawing inspiration and visual cues from the original race car. The P72 forges a new segment, placing a paramount emphasis on driver engagement and a return to analog nostalgia. In tandem with its cutting-edge chassis dynamics, the P72 boasts a full carbon fiber body exuding timeless aesthetics, coupled with a manual transmission. It’s a vehicle that transcends generations.

Production to commence H2 2024

The P72 remains the epitome of exclusivity, with a mere 72 coupes slated for global production, with every unit already spoken for. Production will be executed by HWA Engineering Speed, the company founded by Hans Werner Aufrecht. Many will recognize the name as the co-founder of AMG which was eventually sold to Mercedes in 1998.

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