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The Fastest Demon Is A Mustang

It’s a Ford and Mopar marriage made in heaven!

Matthew Kesatie has created what some say is the fastest Demon-powered car in the world, only it’s a Ford Mustang, not a Dodge Challenger. We’re sure that’s enough to make the Mopar faithful very upset, and it probably ruffles the feathers of many of Blue Oval afficionado as well. However, we think Kesatie is probably more concerned with speed on the track and not keeping everything in the family, so likely he doesn’t care about all the hate.

Watch the latest Motorious Podcast here.

If that’s not enough to get you riled up, perhaps learning Kesatie ditched the blower in favor of a twin-turbo setup for the Demon engine will get that hate inside you welling up uncontrollably. After all, the debate over which forced-induction approach is best divides enthusiasts about as much as which brand is superior.

To handle the massive boost being exerted by those two rather large snails, Kesatie has upgraded most of the internals in this Demon V8. While the crank and block are Mopar original, the pistons, rods, cylinder heads, cam, intake, etc. are all aftermarket. In other words, this is a true build, not just a few bolt-ons for a modest power gain.

Just so everyone gets the picture, this Mustang wears the Demon fender badges. We wonder how many people think that’s a joke until they see under the hood.

According to Kesatie, upgrading to a Demon motor has been well worth it. He previously had a ProCharged Coyote V8 in his Mustang, but he says the Demon is “ten times more reliable than the Coyote ever was.” He does go on in the video interview we’ve included to clarify that there are Coyotes which are wonderful, but he had real problems with his that he attributed to the ProCharger setup.

This is a build you have to see for yourself, so check out the video, learn more about this Demon Mustang, and share this with all your diehard Ford or Mopar friends to see how they react.

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