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Brute Beast: This 1996 F-150 OBS Flareside Hits The Market

The 1990s were a fantastic era for Ford Motor Company, particularly with its F-150 platform. The trucks were shedding the dated appearance of the Bull Nose and Bricknose F-150, and the ninth-generation F-150 was poised to advance with upgraded aesthetics. On the performance spectrum, Ford introduced a Nite package and later unveiled its first SVT-badged truck, the Lightning. However, the true strength lay elsewhere, particularly in the off-road community. To highlight the off-road capabilities of these trucks when built right, Desolate Motorsports crafted their own 1996 F-150 XL 4×4 Flareside model shop truck to handle anything thrown at it. Now, it is available for purchase!


Old Body, New Build

Desolate Motorsports is renowned for its expertise in transforming 90s-era Ford 4×4 trucks into turn-key classic rock crawler vehicles, complete with modern suspension and drivetrain components. This particular Flareside is no exception, featuring a showcase of various products from the company, notably its straight axle conversion kit. However, the build did not stop there. 


The front suspension of this transformed truck is equipped with Desolate Motorsports’ straight axle conversion kit, featuring a Ford Super Duty Dana 60 axle that has undergone a complete overhaul with new parts. With 5.38 gears, a Detroit Locker, and Warn hubs, the axle is tuned for optimal off-road performance. All essential components, including joints, brakes, wheel bearings, and wearable parts, have been replaced. The front suspension incorporates King 2.5 x 12-inch coilover shocks, Desolate Motorsports radius arms, and a Desolate Motorsports Engine Crossover. 

In the rear, the suspension features a Ford Super Duty Sterling 10.5-inch rear axle, also thoroughly overhauled with new parts. Geared with 5.48 gears and equipped with a Detroit Locker and HD steel diff cover. The rear suspension system includes a custom setup by Desolate Motorsports, featuring Deaver V562 leaf springs, Desolate Motorsports Shackles, hangers, and front pivots, as well as Desolate Motorsports upper and lower shock mounts. King 2.5 x 10.5-inch smooth body shocks provide responsive damping, and a custom Articulating traction bar system. The entire rear axle assembly incorporates new brakes, bearings, and other wearable components to ensure reliability and longevity.

Steering, Drivetrain, And Wheels

The steering system of the Flareside boasts the collaboration of Desolate Motorsports and the PSC Motorsports with its P Pump conversion kit. Enhancements include the incorporation of a PSC 8” x 1.5” hydro assist ram, a Red Head ported steering box, a WFO Concepts billet tie rod, and Moog Super Duty tie rod ends. 


The driveline of this transformed truck is equipped for rugged performance, featuring a Borg Warner 1356 Transfer Case with a manual shifter. Additional enhancements include the Desolate Motorsports VSS Relocation Kit, a custom 1350 Billet front output flange, and custom front and rear 1350 CV driveshafts..

The off-road prowess of this Flareside is underscored by its choice of tires and wheels. It rolls on 40×12.50×17 BF Goodrich KR2 Race Tires. Complementing these rugged tires are Black Rhino 17×9 Beadlock Wheels with an 8×170 bolt pattern, providing both style and functionality. 


Old Soul, Young Spirit

While the detailed specifications mentioned above offer just a glimpse into the extensive build of this remarkable truck, it stands as a proven contender for both desert fun and everyday grocery runs. Despite its status as an “old soul” with an odometer sitting at 280,000 original miles, the level of craftsmanship and enhancements propels this OBS into the top-tier echelon.

For those enthusiasts intrigued by this exceptional build and willing to invest a cool $65,000, this unique truck represents an opportunity to own a truly one-of-a-kind on- and off-road machine. To learn more or express interest, potential buyers can reach out to Greg Gilbert at 562-698-1460 for additional information.

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