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Gorgeous V12 Sound From A 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione

The Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione is the type of Ferrari model that draws more parallels to folklore than it does to a relatable bedtime story. That just means that the Evoluzione is a very special type of Ferrari, and for all the right reasons, of course. The Evoluzione is not actually a car per se, but more of an upgrade package available to owners of the ‘regular’ 599XX.

What makes the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione truly something to behold is its engine. Building upon the unit used in the ‘regular’ 599XX, the front-mounted engine might go against popular Ferrari convention in terms of its placement, but its displacement – amongst other things – is certainly inline with prancing horse philosophy.

For power output, the 599XX Evoluzione package gives the 6.0L V12 a 20-horsepower bump up to 740-horsepower @ 9,000 rpm, and a slight increase in torque to 516 ft-lb @ 6,500 rpm. Apparently this is achieved simply by rerouting the exhaust pipes to come out the sides of the car as opposed to out the back.

Enjoy the beautiful V12 soundtrack this extraordinary Ferrari creates in this video by NM2255 | Raw Car Sounds on YouTube.



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