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This is probably the most extreme Lamborghini Urus 6×6

When it comes to 6×6 conversions we’ve seen most of them already, like the Hennesey VelociRaptor or Mammoth for instance, massive high-power 6×6 conversions based on famous American-built pickup trucks, or the impressive Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 that was limited to just 100 units, and while those are all very intimidating, they are more or less ‘standard’ looking off-roaders, however, when it comes to French customizer Danton Alexandre, things get a little more extreme … or should we say exotic?

Lamborghini Espada hot rod custom

And exotic sure comes to mind when we take a look at his first Lamborghini-based project, the ‘Hot Rod Espada‘ he created a few years ago, taking a Seventies Lamborghini Espada and turning it into a hot rod inspired lookalike, with an exposed V12 engine at the front, massive wide rear wheels that sit outside of the original Espada bodywork, and seats sculpted from metal for the interior, and while it might look a little odd, you’ll have to admit it’s a very interesting take on a classic GT from the Seventies, a kind of modern-day hot rod, still not everybody is unanimously positive about this specific project, some call it a waste of a perfectly good Lamborghini Espada of which just over 1,200 units were ever built, and a lot less still exist today in roadworthy condition.

But back to the 6×6 story, at the time of writing, all we have on his Lamborghini Urus project are a few renderings, but I guess Danton will be able to complete this project, especially as it surely won’t be his first 6×6 conversion based on a regular four-wheel model, like the Rolls Royce Phantom he converted into a massive 6×6 beast not too long ago, and his official website even shows one of his latest builds, a six-wheel Humvee that sits extremely low to the ground and appears to be mid-engined now, complete with an air intake above the lowered roofline.

This brings us to the Lamborghini Urus he’s about to tackle now, the renders show this Italian Super SUV being slammed to the ground courtesy of an air ride suspension probably, but also with massively widened bodywork, ranging from very wide front fenders that house additional air intakes, additional downforce splitter underneath what looks like the standard front bumper, complete with ‘cup spoiler hangers’, and fins over the fenders for more straight-line stability at speed if that should be required for this big and probably rather heavy SUV.

Those fins are also fitted to the massive rear fenders that now span over a pair of ultra-wide wheels on both sides of what looks like a kind of truckbed now, which also houses a roll-over cage construction complete with additional lights over the roof while gargantuan side skirts come with big air vents and intakes too off course, and while the front bumper looks more or less standard with an additional lower fin, the rear comes with a totally new, very aggressive design with lots of vertical fins, vents, and a pair of big-bore hexagon exhaust pipes … just imagine a straight-piped twin-turbo V8 sound …

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