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1969 Dodge Charger With Hellcat V8 Is The Perfect Mopar Build

With all that power, a bit of extra handling potential was needed, so the builders installed aftermarket coilovers. At each corner, the muscle car was equipped with a big Wilwood brake kit to handle all its new-found power.

As for the interior, Detroit Muscle refurbished its dashboard and changed its color from black to red to better fit the sinister aesthetic. Even the stock seats of the muscle car were refreshed and given a new red leather upholstery along with the rest of the Charger’s cabin.

Ultimately, the Dodge Charger was restored to its former glory, remaining as close to factory-spec as possible on the outside. It wasn’t as flashy as the restomod done by the Ringbrothers, but the final project turned out to be a remarkably neat overall build. The project turned out so well that the team decided to auction it off, bagging $200,000.

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