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Canada gets special 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe NHL Edition, because of course it does –

So you want to appeal to Canadians, eh? Want to come up with a maple-flavored bone to toss in the direction of a distinct market that likes it when you acknowledge its existence? And it sure would be great if you could do so in conjunction with a corporate partner? 

Well then, now stepping onto the ice is the 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe NHL Edition destined exclusively in Canada from sea to sea to sea. Introduced at the Montreal Auto Show alongside Habs legend Yvan Cournoyer, the NHL Edition is based on the all-new Santa Fe‘s top-of-the-line Ultimate Calligraphy trim (Hyundai’s trim levels tend to be different in Canada). It gets unique Creamy White matte paint and 20-inch black wheels, which together evoke a whole puck-on-ice motif. Clever. 

The Pecan brown interior gets “Luxwood door sills” that buyers can customize with their favourite team’s logo. The included WeatherTech floor mats and cargo liner are also so-adorned. Hyundai Canada sadly didn’t provide photos of those door sills, possibly so it didn’t piss off all the fans whose team wasn’t represented (but let’s face it, it wouldn’t have been Ottawa). Interestingly, you can choose any of the NHL’s 32 franchise logos despite there being only seven franchises in Canada. Honestly, though, if any of the 500 NHL Editions destined for Canada end up festooned in Florida Panther, Carolina Hurricane or Dallas Star logos, I’ll eat my Leafs hat. There’d probably be more people asking for a Nordiques one. 

There’s actually one more special element: The NHL Edition is powered by the Santa Fe’s hybrid powertrain versus the Ultimate Calligraphy’s turbocharged inline-four. So, it’s not all logos and appearance stuff.

We now await the Kia Sorento Tim Hortons Edition. 

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