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Is It Time For A Lighting Upgrade?

When you’re pounding the pavement after dark, your vehicle headlights usually do a pretty good job, but there is usually room for some improvement.

When you hit the trails, however, things change in a hurry. You want all the vision you can muster and adding lighting upgrades to your vehicle can make the ride more fun and safer to boot.

For most of us, switching the stock halogen bulbs out for LED or HID headlights is a quick and easy way to improve the brightness of our vehicle lighting, and it can be done for a lot less than you might think.

If you’ve been wondering if it is time for a lighting upgrade, the answer is a very well-lit yes.

Improved Brightness

Many of us don’t have the newest model vehicle and the extremely bright headlights that come with them.

Most vehicles on the road today have some form of halogen bulb as the main form of light, but you can always tell the vehicle that has the newer bright ultra-white light bulbs.

They are the ones making you look away when you meet them on the road. The reason for this is the quality of light being produced by the bulb.

Upgrading the halogen bulbs in your stock headlights can make a huge difference when on the road or off.

Upgrading to LED Headlight Bulbs

LED bulbs are hard to beat when it comes to light output and longevity. They produce extremely white light with an output that is often 2-3 times that of halogen bulbs.

They also draw less energy from your vehicle’s electrical system, which not only helps save you from dead batteries but also helps the LED bulbs last longer.

Upgrading to HID Headlight Bulbs

Another option is a HID, or High Intensity Discharge light. These types of lights also provide brighter, whiter light and are much longer lasting than a halogen bulb.

HID bulbs consist of two electrodes in a glass enclosure that is filled with xenon gas and metal salts. The xenon gas is why some refer them as xenon lights.

Both types of bulbs can make a huge improvement in the light output of your stock headlights.

What is the Cost?

It used to be that cost was a major deterrent to making the switch to LEDs or HIDs, but that is no longer the case.

Sources like XenonPro have really cut the price barrier down with high-quality light options that fit the budget quite well.

For around $100, you can get incredible LED bulbs that’ll last you for years.

What’s better still is that these types of bulb options offer a huge improvement in the longevity of your lighting system.

They generally outlast a stock bulb by a huge margin. It makes the price difference much easier to accept when you take that into account.

You can forget about spending $50 on a pair of dim and dull halogens every 6 to 9 months.

Quality Matters

XenonPro Headlights

A quality bulb will be brighter without blinding oncoming traffic, it’ll produce a better beam pattern, and it will last significantly longer compared to a low quality bulb.

Opting to go with an LED or HID light is pretty easy these days. The installation process only takes a little bit of time, especially with a quality product that is designed for your vehicle.

That is why you go with a manufacturer that specializes in automotive lighting.

For example, XenonPro shows you exactly what is available for your specific vehicle. This way you know the lights you order will fit your vehicle and that makes installation easier.

XenonPro Info

The quality of the lights is a major factor for off-road use, too. What good is a headlight that cannot handle a bumpy trail?

Some folks opt for light bars and other auxiliary lights, and while that is a great idea for illuminating the trail in front of you, it doesn’t help when you get back on the road home at the end of the ride.

Most states do not allow the use of auxiliary lights on roadways as it creates a blinding issue for oncoming traffic.

Color Options

HID Headlight Colors

Another fun fact about LED and HID lights – they come in color variations that you can use for performance and style.

On the brightest end of the spectrum, the white and blue tints usually offer the most amount of light and can really illuminate the trail. This is great for trails that have a lot of rocks, ruts, or other obstacles you need to get the full picture of.

The white spectrum of lights offers you better road vision and is a good option for dusty trails, too. Newer vehicles come with lights that are white emitting rather than the yellowish tint of halogen bulbs. Bright white also works well off-road.

Yellow bulbs are the ticket for foggy conditions.

If you have fog lights on your vehicle, they are usually yellow-tinted, and you can add yellow-tinted LED and HID bulbs to your headlights for optimal performance in wet conditions. They work fine for regular driving conditions, too, so don’t worry if you are looking for an all-around performance option. If you live in an area prone to fog, yellow LEDs or HIDs are a great option.

Make the Best Choice For Your Ride

XenonPro HID Headlight Kit

Upgrading the lights on your trail rig and/or daily driver is not as expensive or complicated as it once was. You just need to know what fits your vehicle and what type of light best fits your use.

A company like XenonPro can help you decide. If you are like us, you want the most light you can produce on the trail, while not blowing the upgrade budget to do so. Happy trails!

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