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Chevy Dual-Power Ignition Provides Big Spark In A Small Package

Every vehicle on the road today was designed to hold a specific engine under its hood. When you start trying to stuff different engines in between the front fenders or bolting on aftermarket parts to an engine, real estate can become scarce in a hurry. That lack of space can limit what parts you can use, and that can be frustrating.

Thankfully, Performance Distributors created a solution for those who own Chevy-powered vehicles and need a compact ignition system. The Chevy Dual-Power Ignition from Performance Distributors is a small-diameter billet distributor that can be paired with the high-voltage Inferno 2 coil. This ignition system packs a serious punch for Chevy engines. It’s perfect for cars or trucks with space limitations due to blowers, big intake manifolds, or the vehicle’s firewall.

The Chevy Dual-Power Ignition distributor uses Performance Distributor’s Dyna-Module. This unit increases the duration of spark, provides better throttle response, and assists with low-end power. When you pair this distributor with the Inferno 2 coil the system can crank out the same voltage output as one of Performance Distributor’s Racing DUI units. The Chevy Dual-Power Ignition distributor and Inferno 2 combination will help your engine start quicker, idle smoother, and have the ability to generate more power. Performance Distributors rates the Chevy Dual-Power Ignition distributor up to 10,000 rpm, so it’s a great match for a high-winding engine.

If you’re out of space under the hood and need a compact ignition system for your Chevy-based engine check out the Chevy Dual-Power Ignition distributor from Performance Distributors. You can learn more about this ignition system right here on the Performance Distributors website.

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