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Ford Just Revealed The Quickest Mustang Yet

Ford is entering the 2024 year strong with a barrage of racing news, and it looks like we’re about to enter a new golden age for Ford Motorsports. One of the latest additions to the company’s racing team is a new NHRA Ford Mustang, featuring changes inspired by the 2024 Dark Horse. If the previous NHRA Mustang drag car was anything to go off of, this thing will undoubtedly pack a punch when running down the quarter-mile. Technically making it the quickest Mustang out there, even if you can’t buy it.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse NHRA Drag Car: Details

The Funny Car will hit the drag strip this year and is rocking the new Mustang’s front grille, headlights, and lower “openings” in sticker form. But the stickers take inspiration from the design of the Dark Horse model, and for good reason. The shape is aggressive, and the aerodynamics create a spectacular muscle car, even if they are just for show here. Bob Tasca III will lead the Mustang Funny Car entries team. The season will start this March in Gainesville, Florida, at the Amalie Motor Oil NHRA GatorNationals.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse Drag Car

If the 2019 Ford Mustang NHRA Funny Car is anything to go off of, this car will be a beast on the track with improvements to downforce, drag, and weight balance. The 2019 NHRA Dragster could run from zero to 330 miles per hour in less than four seconds, and the 2024 version could be faster. The livery isn’t the only thing different from the 2019 version of the NHRA drag car; for example, the exhaust is not hanging off the sides like before, so we can expect the other features to be different as well.

Based on the impressive advancements that Ford has made towards its racing series vehicles, we’re sure this thing will be a total beast on the track, and we certainly can’t wait to see it accelerate down the pavement. Hopefully, more information on the vehicle will be revealed later, but for now, we can just admire the livery.

Ford Mustang Dark Horse Drag Car

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