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Liberty Walk is set to unveil the LB Works Countach at the Tokyo Auto Salon

Remember the controversy when Liberty Walk modified an Eighties icon into one of their wide-body models last year? Yes, we are talking about the Ferrari F40 Kato-san turned into an LB-WORKS version, one of those cars you either love or hate, and let’s face it, that wasn’t the first time Liberty Walk did something to upset car enthusiasts around the world, in 2018 Kato-san really upset just about everybody in the car community when he unveiled the black Lamborghini Miura wide-body at the TAS, the Tokyo Auto Salon, fortunately, it wasn’t based on a seven-figure Lamborghini from the Sixties, but he built it on a replica, which was based on a Ford GT40 recreation.

And it seems Kato-san isn’t calling it quits just yet, in the latest announcement from Liberty Walk we learn that for the upcoming Tokyo Auto Salon that will open its doors on January 12, 2024 there will be something to get the car world talking again … an LB-WORKS Countach, check out a video release they published on YouTube recently:

It seems they are using a Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary as a basis for this wide-body conversion, complete with those classic ‘rivetted on’ fender flares, a massive rear wing that seems to be fixed onto the chassis, an extremely deep dish wheel, and naturally what seems to be an air ride suspension to get the car as low to the ground as possible. At the front, we recognize a different front bumper that reminds us of the 1999 Diablo GT unit while the ‘streaked’ side sills found on the original Countach 25th Anniversary seem to have been replaced by wider and lower units by Liberty Walk, it even seems there is an air intake mounted on top of the engine cover that draws in air from above the flat roof panel.

Could this be another LB-Works based on a replica like we’ve seen with the Miura, or will this one actually be built on a genuine, late Eighties Lamborghini Countach? It could very well be a real Countach underneath as the 25th Anniversary is one of the highest production number Countach out there with over 600 units built, but it’s still a rare classic, and an expensive car to cut up and customize … we’ll have to wait for the official unveil in less than two weeks in Tokyo to get all the details … but I’m eager to find out the entire story.

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