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Like Blue? Here’s the McLaren 750S ‘Spectrum Theme’ by MSO – GTspirit

For automotive connoisseurs of exquisite painting techniques, McLaren has unveiled a true marvel – the remarkable McLaren 750S Spectrum Theme, skillfully crafted by their esteemed personalisation division, MSO. The McLaren 750S ‘Spectrum Theme’ by MSO features a display of blue waves gracefully adorning the flanks of this McLaren’s latest supercar. One of the most captivating elements of the Spectrum Theme lies in its use of seven distinct shades of paint, meticulously applied in artful stripes along the car’s body, resulting in a seamless gradient effect. Notably, McLaren is not content with simply blue; they have plans to offer equally stunning orange and grey variants of this captivating look, providing discerning buyers an array of alluring choices.

To achieve such a flawless color shift, the company has had to develop and formulate new paints that expertly blend light and dark tones, elevating the Spectrum Theme to an unparalleled level of sophistication within the automotive realm. However, the artistic expression doesn’t end with the exterior. MSO also offers the option of a contrasting color for the underside of the rear wing, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to an already captivating supercar.

Michael McDonagh, the Director of McLaren Special Operations, shared his enthusiasm, stating, “The Spectrum Theme takes what we can do at McLaren to the next level. A huge degree of attention and accuracy is required to ensure the lines of the Spectrum are completely sympathetic to the surface of the 750S’s incredible bodywork.”

Underneath the mesmerising exterior, the 750S delivers a scintillating performance, producing 750PS of power and 800Nm of torque. The engine’s greater power and torque are matched by a transmission featuring a final drive ratio that is shorter, which leads to faster acceleration. As a result, the car can reach speeds of 0-200km/h (0-124mph) in just 7.2 seconds (compared to 7.3 seconds for the 750S Spider), which is faster than any other vehicle in its class. The transmission gearing has been optimised and the kickdown control strategy has been revised to enhance in-gear acceleration.

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