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‘Baffling’ net zero policies risk damaging car industry, Sunak warned

Mr Forrester said: “These market dynamics combined with the ZEV mandate have the potential to disrupt the recovery of the new car market in the next few years.”

Manufacturers will have to ensure that 80pc of their new car sales are electric by 2030, with targets gradually rising from 22pc due to come in at the start of next year. Carmakers that cannot hit the annual targets must either sell more electric vehicles in future years, purchase credits from rivals or pay a fine of £15,000 per car.

Mr Forrester told The Telegraph that the policies “will potentially put a brake on the level of growth” and labelled the decision to maintain targets for carmakers “slightly baffling”.

He predicted that manufacturers might even start to hold back supplies of electric vehicles in the coming months to ensure they have enough stock to hit the 22pc target when it comes into force next year.

He added that new post-Brexit tariffs on electric car imports and exports across the channel, due to come into force in January, were a “further challenge”.

Under so-called rules of origin laws that come into force from January, 45pc of the value of an electric car must originate from either the UK or the EU. This is due to rise to 65pc in 2027.

The Government is looking to delay the changes, although France is believed to oppose the request.

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