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Boost for Britain’s driverless car industry as Google takes stake in Oxa

Google’s cloud computing division announced a deal with Oxa earlier this year to help the British company develop simulation and testing technology. A Google spokesman confirmed that the stake in Oxa was through a separate financial investment.

Oxa was founded by Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner, two Oxford robotics professors who put the UK’s first driverless car on the roads in 2016 and launched a driverless shuttle project at Gatwick Airport.

It planned to launch driverless taxis in London in 2021 with Addison Lee but the project was later dropped. The company recently launched a tie-up with Beep, which provides shuttle services in the US.

It is run by Gavin Jackson, the former UK head of Amazon’s cloud computing division.

Oxa’s other investors include Ocado, BP’s venture capital arm, and the Chinese internet giant Tencent.

Waymo has been offering driverless rides to passengers in Arizona for several years. It was recently granted permission to offer 24/7 driverless taxi services to the public in San Francisco along with Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors. 

Waymo bought UK driverless testing start-up Latent Logic in 2019 and has a small team of staff in Britain.

Google has previously invested in Nuro, an autonomous vehicle delivery company.

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