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Dodge Demon 170 Set To Roar With 1,700 HP

Hennessey Unleashes the Beast.

Hennessey Performance Engineering has launched its Special Operations division, setting the stage for a jaw-dropping transformation of the already formidable Dodge Demon 170. Introducing the Hennessey Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo: a machine that redefines the limits of power and performance, promising to leave enthusiasts and rivals alike in awe.

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At the heart of this venture is the personal vehicle of Hennessey’s CEO, John Hennessey, a man known for his insatiable hunger for horsepower and speed. The Dodge Demon 170 no. 0025 is poised to undergo a metamorphosis that will see its already impressive 1,025-horsepower engine receive a monumental upgrade. With the addition of a pair of precision-engineered 7576 turbos, the car is set to achieve an earth-shattering output of 1,700 horsepower, propelling it into a league of its own.

Details about the transformation are scarce, but Hennessey has revealed that this exclusive project will extend to only 12 cars. Each vehicle will receive a custom-built engine meticulously designed to accommodate the new twin-turbo system, replacing the supercharged HEMI installed by Dodge’s revered SRT division. The original components, including the engine and transmission, will be carefully preserved, offering the option of reverting to the stock configuration if desired.

The Hennessey Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo isn’t just about raw power; it’s about achieving unprecedented performance benchmarks. The team at Hennessey has set their sights on a quarter-mile time of a blistering 7.90 seconds, with an expected trap speed ranging between 175 and 180 mph. These figures represent a significant leap from the standard Demon 170, solidifying this project’s status as a true marvel of engineering and automotive passion.

As the world eagerly awaits further details, one thing is clear: the Hennessey Demon 1700 Twin-Turbo is more than just a car; it’s a statement, a testament to the relentless pursuit of performance that defines Hennessey Performance Engineering. With its unparalleled power and the promise of record-breaking speed, this beast is ready to redefine the boundaries of what’s possible on the asphalt.

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