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Porsche Macan EV Unveiling: Livestream Coverage

The Porsche Macan EV. It’s finally here.

If there were ever any doubts that Porsche had little concern for the EV revolution—and that the Taycan would be a one-off compliance measure within it—then the new Macan EV will be putting all of them to bed.

Not only does the new Porsche Macan EV signal the automaker’s intent to legitimately scale their fully-electric business line, but it’s also poised to make a statement on how to “do EV the right way”, particularly within the immensely popular (and lucrative) compact SUV segment that has made the Macan Porsche’s best selling vehicle.

We’ve spoken before about how the Taycan—as the company’s very first EV—would serve the important role as a trailblazer and benchmark setter, and that it would require some brave early adopters with relatively deep pockets to take the plunge. The upcoming (and yet-to-be officially announced) Cayman/Boxster EVs will ultimately become a niche within a niche, given the car’s inherent design language and intended audience. There’s also an all-electric Cayenne in the works, and according to Porsche CEO, Oliver Blume, “much more to come” as well.

In the Porsche Macan EV, the German luxury car brand now has the opportunity to propagate its zero-emissions philosophy to the masses. While the Taycan has paved the way, and the Cayman/Boxster EVs will generate more hype when they arrive, it’s the Macan EV which will ultimately become the work-horse during Porsche’s trajectory towards achieving widespread commercial success in this new era of electrified transportation.

Making its official debut in Singapore today and broadcast globally via livestream, here’s what was revealed about the new all-electric Porsche Macan.

e-Performance & Range

All Macan EV models will come standard with a 100 kWh battery pack, of which roughly 95 kWh will be usable. This is an all-around improvement over the Taycan, which provides 83.7 kWh of usable energy from its 93.4 kWh Performance Battery Plus. Improved charging technology also means it can take in up to 270 kW at an 800-volt fast charging station, allowing the all-electric Macan to replenish a SoC from 10% to 80% in just 21 minutes.

With the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo serving as the initial launch models, all-wheel drive will also come standard, at least for the time being. This consists of a dual motor configuration, with one motor powering the front and rear respectively. That means the door remains open for the release of a possible single motor Macan EV—in following with the rear-wheel drive Taycan—which could serve as a more accessible base model with a lower cost of entry.

In terms of power output, Porsche decided to provide benchmarks based on the range-topping Turbo variant which produces 450 kW (604 hp) and 1,130 Nm (833 lb-ft) of torque. Porsche claims that the all-electric Porsche Macan Turbo can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and hit a top speed of 260 km/h. Corresponding specs for the Macan 4 were not provided during the unveiling, but the Porsche execs did hint that all of the current Macan offerings are sub-4-seconds-capable, so I’ll leave the reverse engineering up to you.

They were a little less coy about range, revealing that both the Macan 4 and Macan Turbo will regularly achieve more than 500 km of range, with the former and latter having a maximum range of 591 km and 613 km respectively. It was said with some authority too, having aggregated over 3.5 million kilometers of test-driving in various conditions over the past few months.

Chassis & Electronics

It drives like a Porsche”

– Timo Bernhard, Porsche brand ambassador and former racing driver

That’s the message made loud and clear (and with few, but effective words) when describing what the Macan EV offers in terms of engagement. Besides a glowing endorsement—albeit from a perfectly credible source—there wasn’t much detail given in this department, so we’ll just have to take Timo’s word for it and/or wait until automotive journalists get their hands on them.

However, the usual suspects should be expected here, with features such as torque vectoring, adaptive air suspension, PDCC, and ceramic brakes all remaining part of the (optional or standard) furniture. We do know that the rear spoiler is adaptive and the underbody is completely flat and smooth. Notably, Porsche also claims that the Macan EVs will have a 2,000 kg towing capacity, but did not specify if there is a distinct towing mode that can be selected or how range might be affected.

Design & Interior

One of the key features of the new Macan is its improved aerodynamics—a crucial element in the overall performance and viability of an electric vehicle. Porsche says that a more streamlined design has resulted in a 0.25 Cd, which is an improvement of over 0.1 Cd versus the outgoing design. All else being equal, this equates to around 85 km more range on the new body style.

Purpose. Attention. Focus.

Those are the 3 key words bringing life to the design, according to VP Porsche Style, Michael Mauer. From a visual perspective, it’s all about minimalism meeting functionality. In the Macan EV, there’s a utilitarian package encapsulated by a sporty silhouette, which in complimenting the outgoing model, isn’t a significant shift in direction. However, there are distinct Porsche EV design cues being showcased now, not least of all with the headlight design clearly borrowed from the Taycan. Looking closer at the details, it’s evident that the Turbo models have more aggressive exterior styling, highlighted by larger inlets in the front and additional air ducts integrated into the rear bumper, though I’m not sure if this is in any way functional or purely for visual theater.

Performs like a Porsche. Behaves like a smartphone. 

That’s the company’s philosophy driving an experience that they say, will provide performance on the road and in the digital world as well. Showcasing this is an augmented reality heads-up display—a first for Porsche—headquartered by the curved digital display which is becoming a fixture in all new and upcoming Porsche vehicles. There’s also an App Center which allows for 3rd party apps to be downloaded, providing a new level of personalization to Macan ownership. Porsche also claims that the new Macan’s “exceptional charging management” will help make the practice of charging more easy and convenient than ever before.

Now that there’s a “frunk”, it was duly mentioned during the unveiling, and it provides around 84 L of cargo capacity—ample room for a travel bag or charging peripherals. Interestingly, there were no details given with regards to total cargo room, though we expect it to be similar to the outgoing model’s 1,708 L. For customers really looking to channel their inner eco-warrior, some of the interior components can be optioned using sustainable materials, such as vegan leather and recycled polyester. Additional body colors are also being introduced to further highlight the Macan’s renewed aura.

In essence, Porsche’s goal was to build the most sporty and forward-thinking SUV in the segment. All signs point towards them really hitting the mark on that.

More To Come

We’re still awaiting official pricing information and expected delivery dates. In fact, there’s still much to be revealed with regards to the new all-electric Porsche Macan. Stay tuned for more—updates will be provided as more details trickle in.

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