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2025 Aston Martin Vanquish: Everything We Know So Far

For 110 years now, Aston Martin has built some fabulous cars, the likes of which carry James Bond 007 fame. One of the most recent unveilings includes the new DB12, which notably comes with a twin-turbo V-8, instead of the traditional V-12. This is interesting considering that there was no DB8 because the brand didn’t want consumers to think it’d have a V-8 heart. Alas, now that the name lines up, another change occurs to squander the opportunity.

Nevertheless, this signals shifts from the automaker, which is hinted at by the upcoming Valhalla and Valkyrie hypercars. Such moves appear to be heading towards the next Vanquish. If the DB12 is the world’s first super tourer, the outgoing Vanquish is the grand tourer. Last seen in 2019, the Aston Martin Vanquish will yield to the upcoming 2025 version, one that promises to launch a whole new meaning to the car.

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The 2025 Vanquish Will Be Mid-Engine

There is no doubt the 2019 Vanquish is a thing of beauty. Featuring a 5.9 liter V-12, one with 580 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque, we’re still looking at the traditional front-engine Aston Martin type of layout. This is something that is changing with the upcoming Valhalla, as well as Valkyrie. Both of those hypercars will feature mid-engine layouts. As such, the same goes for the upcoming 2025 Vanquish.

We can expect to see a twin-turbo V-8, one that is Mercedes-AMG sourced, in the 2024 Valhalla. In addition to being mid-engined, it will be a plug-in hybrid. It will feature a combined 937 horsepower, resulting in a 2.5 second 0-62 mph time, and a top speed of 217 mph. This rage arrives with an estimated $800,000 price tag and will be limited to no more than 999 examples.

Aston Martin 110 Year Anniversary
Aston Martin 

In terms of the Valkyrie, one gets the ultimate Aston Martin. We’re talking about a car with:

  • A hybrid V-12
  • 1,139 combined horsepower
  • 682 combined pound-feet of torque
  • 2.3 second 0-60 mph time
  • 1/4 mile in 7.7 seconds
  • 220 mph Top Speed
  • $3,500,000-$4,000,000 estimated price

This is a mid-engine hypercar, Aston Martin’s first entry into that realm, and production is extremely limited. The price difference comes between the two offered trims, and the vehicle will be limited to 2,500 annual miles in the United States, sold under a “show and display” exemption. Luckily such restrictions will likely not exist for the Vanquish, despite sharing a layout with the Valhalla and Valkyrie.

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The Future Vanquish To Feature A Hybrid V-8

Grey Aston Martin V12 Vanquish
Aston Martin Media

The 2019 Vanquish equips the traditional V-12, front-engine layout of the brand’s sports cars, but given that the 2025 version will be mid-engined, it only makes sense to ditch the previous engine type too. This new heart will be derived from AMG as well, just like the Valhalla. It will be a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V-8, paired with two electric motors, but not likely to match the 937 horsepower output of the Valhalla.

The original plan was a hybrid 3.0 liter V-6, a mill to be built in-house but that appears to now be scrapped. Since this was also the planned engine for the Valhalla, it makes sense that this is the case for the Vanquish as well. Quite frankly this appears to be good news. If not for the V-12, then a hybrid V-8 should be welcomed over a hybrid V-6. This V-8 set-up should provide more power to the Vanquish than the latter would, even if the figures trail those of the Valhalla.

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2025 Vanquish: Not So Limited Nor As Expensive

Along with the engine change, likely due to developmental costs, the price of the Valhalla also dropped. This is significant in terms of the Vanquish because though sharing the same engine, it won’t be as powerful. Thus, this also translates to a cheaper price point. It’s estimated that the 2025 Vanquish will come at a price of $300,000.

Of course, this is out of the range of many an enthusiast, but certainly more relatively affordable. For the Valhalla is half a million more, and the Valkyrie is several millions more. Given that the Valkyries decide the fate of men in battle within Norse mythology, and that Valhalla is Viking heaven, perhaps where the Vanquish lands make sense.

It can also be inferred that the Vanquish won’t be as limited as the two hypercars in the Valhalla and Valkyrie since it is more affordable. Expect this car to be available in excess of the 999 Valhalla examples. This car should be the more “daily” type of mid-engine car from Aston Martin.

Not being so track-focused, it will still be that grand tourer type, despite the new exotic layout. In that sense, it can feasibly be compared to the Chevrolet Corvette C8, but with more of a luxurious design. It’s worth noting that the upcoming E-Ray and Zora C8 won’t cost as much as the Vanquish.

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2025 Vanquish Seeks To End The Competition

Generally, it’s the Vanquish Vision Concept, revealed at a Geneva Auto Show that most people have seen. We know that little is confirmed of the interior, as it was incomplete. With the layout switch to mid-engine, everything known from the previous model must be thrown out, and we can only speculate on much of this car now. Also, we now know of the engine change, from hybrid V-6 to V-8.

Though being mid-engine, the Vanquish is not a hypercar like the Valhalla or Valkyrie are, featuring a bonded aluminum frame in lieu of the latter’s carbon-fiber tub. Then it is not so expensive or rare, as more of a grand tourer, despite the layout and engine changes. It could be considered a supercar, and it may be compared to the C8 Corvette. However, it appears the Vanquish has its sights set on the Ferrari F8 and McLaren 720S, two hybrid supercars that are also mid-engined.

Ferrari F8 Vs. McLaren 720S Specs

Ferrari F8

McLaren 720S


3.9 Liter Twin-Turbo V-8

4.0 Liter Twin-Turbo V-8

Engine Output

710 horsepower; 567 pound-feet of torque

710 horsepower; 568 pound-feet of torque


Seven-speed dual clutch automatic

Seven-speed dual clutch automatic


Mid-engine, RWD, 2-seat, 2-door

Mid-engine, RWD, 2-seat, 2-door

Curb Weight

3,550 pounds

3,343 pounds

Fuel Economy

15 city, 19 hwy, 16 combined

15 city, 22 hwy, 18 combined

0-60 MPH

2.8 seconds

2.8 seconds

1/4 mile

10.2 seconds

10.3 seconds

Top Speed

211 mph

212 mph




Given how evenly matched the Ferrari and McLaren appear to be, we can assume that the Vanquish will have similar performance specs, if not even better. C8 aside, this is more like the Aston Martin’s playing field, and it is the new mid-engine layout that places it squarely in this competition realm. The idea is that the Vanquish will be more of a match for the said rivals, but with a name like that, one would think it will be even more of a threat.

Further speculation, rivals considered, means there could be a roofless version of the Vanquish. Furthermore, we may even see an all-electric version of the vehicle. Since the production version has been several years past the reveal of the concept, it remains to be seen exactly what the 2025 Vanquish will be, but our inferences show an undoubtedly exciting prospect.

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