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New BMW Vision Neue Klasse revealed: everything we know

This is the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, and it’s a concept car which previews future electric models from the German brand. Read on for all you need to know. 

  • New BMW Vision Neue Klasse revealed
  • Design showcase for future BMW models
  • Bold exterior styling
  • Panoramic interior display
  • Improved battery technology
  • Cars based on this concept coming in 2025

BMW has revealed the new Vision Neue Klasse concept, and it’s a look ahead to future electric cars in 2025.

The styling is very similar to the i Vision Dee from earlier in the year, and there’s plenty of radical new technology on board.

Will I be able to buy a BMW Vision Neue Klasse?

The new BMW Vision Neue Klasse won’t go on sale exactly as you see it, although the next generation BMW 3 Series could look very similar. This concept car is more of a preview of design cues and technology you’ll see across the BMW range in 2025.

New BMW Vision Neue Klasse design

The BMW Vision Neue Klasse concept looks nothing like any BMW you can buy today. It does look pretty similar to the i Vision Dee concept, however it’s been toned-down ever so slightly to make it look closer to a production-ready model.

As you’d expect from BMW, you’ve got two massive kidney grilles up front, although they span the width of the car rather than being vertical like on the BMW M3. There are very few vents in the lower bumper, and the slanted bonnet throws back to the classic “shark nose” 6 Series from the 1980s.

Down the side, the Neue Klasse has a three-box saloon shape, although there’s something quite retro about it. What’s not so retro is the E ink displays on the doors which can show animations to show you where to activate the door handles. The 21-inch wheels look pretty snazzy as well.

Looking at the rear, you have wide tail lights which almost run the entire width of the car. The rest of the design is fairly minimalist, with very few vents or creases. There is a large black bit of trim on the lower bumper.

New BMW Vision Neue Klasse interior and infotainment

There are plenty of new innovations on the inside of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, including a minimalist design and an impressive-looking infotainment system.

BMW calls it Panoramic Vision. In addition to a central touchscreen, there’s a huge display spanning the bottom of the windscreen. It’s used to display things like your speed and navigation directions, and it’s controlled using the central screen and voice commands.

The idea is that you have all of your essential information in your direct eyeline, and there are very few distractions in this cabin. You have very few physical buttons, and the steering wheel has a cool square shape as well.

New BMW Vision Neue Klasse batteries and range

BMW hasn’t given specifics around batteries and range for the Vision Neue Klasse because it’s a technology showcase for models of the future. It has spilled the beans on some new battery technology though.

Find out more about the BMW i Vision Dee concept…

This car has a new type of cylindrical battery cells which are more power dense, leading to 30% faster charging times and 30% more range than current EVs from BMW.

To put that into context, the current BMW i4 M50 has up to 315 miles of range, so the next generation i4 could have as much as 410 miles of range. That car can also charge from 10-80% in 30 minutes at 150kW, and that could drop to 20 minutes in the new car.

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