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BMW’s Latest Concept Car Gives the Storied Brand a Future-Friendly Face

In 2025, the BMW brand will undergo a transformation that gives it a new face and a new way of doing things. Sustainability will be a core pillar, as will easy-to-use tech and something called “phygital” design. WIRED took a look at the Bavarian firm’s Vision Neue Klasse concept, and had a chat with BMW head of design Domagoj Dukec, the man behind BMW’s recent, sometimes controversial motifs.

BMW’s picture of what the future might look like (if you squint) is, at first glance, rather traditional. It’s not a big SUV, rather a white-with-a-yellow-tint sedan with an interesting face and no BMW blue badging. Its kidney grille, a BMW hallmark, isn’t really a grille either. It’s familiar, sure, but ever so slightly off—for good reason.

Photograph: BMW

“If there is one thing which is really my duty as head of design it’s actually that the legacy of BMW never stands still,” says Dukec. The Vision Neue Klasse doesn’t point toward a specific future model, rather elements that’ll wind up on plenty: “You will see a lot of different products there, in between 2025 and 2027, we will have six to seven products coming, which will all be Neue Klasse.”

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