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Recall Alert: Tesla Model S, X, Y – Kelley Blue Book

Tesla is recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles because their backup cameras may fail to function. The recall applies to Model S sedans, Model X SUVs, and Model Y SUVs built in 2023, though Tesla doesn’t sell its cars in defined model years.

Tesla routinely changes the components in its vehicles during a production run and updates software frequently. This can mean a Tesla bought one day differs substantially from a Tesla bought the next.

The company tells the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that vehicles built with a certain “self-driving computer” were incompatible with a recent software update. That can cause the backup camera to fail.

Tesla’s use of the term “self-driving” is controversial. Its cars are no more capable of driving themselves than most rival cars, and Tesla does not sell the most advanced driver assistance system currently legal.

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Owners don’t need to bring their cars in for repair. Tesla has issued a software update that should fix the problem remotely. Tesla has disputed whether a problem that can be fixed remotely should be considered a recall, but federal law requires the company to follow the recall notification process for all safety hazards.

Tesla has dramatically improved its recall record recently, recalling millions fewer cars in 2023 than in 2022.

Recall repairs, by law, are free. Many cars are recalled, often more than once, during their lifespans. When the cars require a physical repair, the automakers try to contact every owner to bring them in. But they don’t always reach them all. In this case, Tesla will fix the issue remotely. Find out whether your car needs any free repairs with the VIN tool at our recall center.

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