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What If Next-Gen Toyota RAV4 Went ‘Trailhunter’ and Stole Land Cruiser’s Rugged Looks?

Last year, Toyota didn’t attain its objective of dethroning General Motors from the number one place in terms of sales across the US market. Despite the barrage of novelties, it didn’t even come close to it.
Toyota RAV4 rendering by Theottle
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Photo: wheelsaustralia / Instagram

At the end of 2023, the Excel spreadsheets revealed GM sold around 2.6 million vehicles, and Toyota was at a little over 2.24 million. Of course, neither fared worse than in 2022, which is always a positive aspect. However, we are sure that Toyota’s corner office head honchos were pretty mad that the carmaker couldn’t reclaim the US automotive sales throne after a tidal wave of introductions.

What can they do to change the situation in 2024? Well, they can always push a little further with even more introductions – and already the 2024 GR86 Trueno, 2024 Land Cruiser, 2024 Tacoma i-Froce Max, plus the 2025 Camry and Crown Signia are scheduled to arrive at nationwide dealerships throughout the year. Alas, maybe that’s not going to be enough, as GM has its own novelties, from the all-new 2025 Chevy Equinox to an entire family of all-electric Cadillac IQs.

Of course, the carmakers could always bring out the ‘secret’ weapons to the party. GM, for example, could suddenly update the Chevy Silverado series to better cope with the facelifted 2024 Ford F-150 and the upcoming 2025 Ram 1500 series. After all, the Silverado was the second best-selling nameplate in America last year. On the other hand, Toyota could easily kick off the refresh procedure for the 2025 RAV4 compact crossover SUV, the fourth top-selling model in the US automotive market.

Naturally, the rumor mill believes that the fifth generation XA50 won’t change iterations for the 2025 model year. Instead, it might feature a second facelift to keep it interesting for consumers and ahead of the pack of competitors. Well, that’s the general consensus, as some voices envision the next model year might bring something radical to the table.

More precisely, an Australian publication dreams of the all-new Toyota RAV4 ditching its crossover-style looks favoring a rugged, bolder design fully inspired by the all-new 2024 Land Cruiser (Prado or 250 across certain regions). Of course, they also needed someone to fulfill their unofficial vision, and they enlisted the virtual artist better known as Theottle on social media for the digital job. We can’t see the RAV4 abandon its crossover heritage so easily, as the model is the originator of the segment.

However, that doesn’t mean that the imaginative realm of digital car content creators can’t play with the looks and dream of a retro-inspired look for the compact model – as the Land Cruiser is very much an even bigger legend than the RAV4. So, do you like what you see, and would you spend money on something like this if Toyota suddenly goes wild and cooks up an RAV4 Trailhunter looking like a shrunken Land Cruiser alongside the regular RAV4 models for its next iteration?

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