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Why The Dodge Charger EV Deserves The Muscle Car Title

The latter is the study of the evolution of words because language is not static. It’s constantly growing, and a prime example is the list of new words added to the dictionary every month.

Merriam-Webster (America’s oldest and most trusted dictionary) added 690 new words in September 2023. It was the biggest update of the year, and new additions included rizz, doggo, padawan, bussin’, mid, generative AI, tiny house, nerf, rage quit, ‘grammable, smash, meme stock, and girlboss.

As you can tell, most of the words above were gifted to us by Gen-Z, but before you freak out, just remember that the dictionary did the same while you were growing up. You can either be grumpy about it or add these lovely words to your language garden and let them grow.

But back to the definition mentioned earlier because I’m going to use it to discredit some of the muscliest muscle cars in existence.

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