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Hellcat Rolls-Royce Wrecks The Whole China Shop

This certainly has its appeal…

We’ve seen all kinds of crazy Hellcat swaps, including into a Chevy C10, Buick Grand National, and Mazda RX-7. However, we have never even heard of anyone talk about dropping a Hellcat engine into a classic Rolls-Royce. We’re not saying you and your buddies didn’t joke around about it one night, just that it’s not a swap that’s thrown around a lot. And yet here we have one of these American-British monsters.

Created by Hoonigan, because they are wonderfully insane, they not only dropped a Hellcat supercharged V8 into a Rolls, they decided to push things farther. Just like on Tool Time, they sincerely believe more power is always better and we’re not entirely sure we can disagree with them.

To boost the Hemi V8 further, Hoonigan bolted on a larger supercharger so even more oxygen molecules get shoved into the cylinders on every intake stroke. Of course, there’s a whole lot more to the project than just that, but the video of the process isn’t exactly a how to crash course or anything like it. Instead, it just portrays how crazy the Hoonigan team can be.

For purist British motoring fans, this must be sheer horror to see or even hear about. After all, muscle cars are brutish, unrefined vehicles for the unwashed masses. And Rolls-Royces are a godsend fit only for those who have a true appreciation for the finer things in life. Slamming the two together is like unleashing a bull in a China shop, only the bull brings the whole building down. And that’s why we love it.

Full disclosure, this video is really ADD, even for Hoonigan. You might like that, but we’re warning you, it can be really random and it jumps all over the place. Still, the build is cool enough we wanted to let everyone know about it.

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